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Local Corner

The Hatch
Food & Spirits

A couple of weeks ago we met-up with a couple of friends to try The Hatch. We loved the variety of their wood-fired food and classic, craft cocktails.
The Hatch is a little rotisserie & bar located on 13th Street in beautiful downtown Paso Robles, California. I guarantee, once you try them, you will be hooked.
835 13th Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Local Vineyard Listings

Live Your Dream. Become a part of the dream, not just experiencing. Let others enjoy your dream.

Sourced from: California Regional MLS

Paso Robles Wineries:
Find out what varietals are produced by the Paso Robles Wineries, as well as learn a little about each varietal or blend style. Use this list along with your Wine Tasting Map to help plan your tasting tour in the Paso Robles Wine Country.

Paso Robles Breweries:
Use this Brewery List and Map to visit the areas growing Beer Industry.

Paso Robles Spirit Producers:
Check out the Paso Robles Distillery Trail to add to your wine tours.
Quick Real Estate Facts

North County
Single Family Residential:

Sourced from: California Regional MLS

California Real Estate Facts:

  • Median Home Price
    California - $550,200

  • Highest Median Home Price
    San Francisco - $1,501,680

  • Lowest Median Home Price
    Lassen - $192,500

Sourced from: California Regional MLS


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Month Event Highlights
T o know your communities, visit:

Paso Robles:

July 8-9th - 14th Annual Lavender Festival
Downtown City Park - 10am to 5pm

July 6th - August 17th (Thursdays) - Concerts in the Park
Downtown City Park - 6pm to 8pm

July 4th - 4th of July Celebration in the Park
7am - Pancake Breakfast (Templeton Fire Department-Tickets)
After Breakfast - Templeton Kiwanis Club Parade
After Parade - Concert in the Part till 3pm

July 5th - August 16th (Wednesdays) - Concerts in the Park
Templeton Park - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


July 4th - July Bluegrass Freedom Festival
Atascadero Lake Park - 4pm to 8pm

July 1st - August 12th (Saturdays) - Summer Concert Series
Atascadero Lake Park - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

July 11th - August 22nd (Tuesdays) - Tuesday in the Park Community BBQ
Atascadero Lake Park - 5pm to 7pm

Local Article

SLO County Home Prices Rise in April - Will This Trend Last?

San Luis Obispo County home prices continued to climb in April, although the region experienced a sizable drop-off in sales.
Lindsey Holden- The Tribune, June 02, 2017
Local Real Estate Viewpoint

By: Ron Johnson
Associate Broker
The Bubble Dilemma

Yes, we are nearing the top of a real estate bubble!  All indicators point to it.
  • Lack of Housing Inventory
  • Sales Volumes declining due to high Median Sales prices
  • Unsustainable Price Increases

It is extremely likely, this time next year we will have lower home prices.

The unknown,  will the bubble burst or just deflate,  we hope the bubble deflates or what's termed a soft landing,  but the answer to that question is based on external factors.  In the absence of some calamitous national or world even we should see a soft landing.

My advice,  if you have been contemplating selling,  but holding off,  now is the time.


e-mail: Ron Johnson
Cooking Corner

Happy Fourth of July

Classic all American Hamburger
Does anything say more Americana than a good hamburger. Grill with favorite toppings and share with friends.

Red White and Blue Cocktails
A fun idea is to have a colorful cocktail with a red beverage (wine or sangria) along with colored sugar or salt on the rim. Be creative and enjoy. 

Blueberry Bunt-Cake with Strawberries
You cannot go wrong with a bunt-cake. Add blueberries and coat with strawberries, YUM!!
The Wine & Brandy Connection

How is Brandy Made

The name brandy comes from the Dutch word  brandewijn,  meaning "burnt wine." Most brandies are made by applying heat, originally from open flames, to wine.

  • The first step in making fine brandies is to allow the fruit juice (typically grape) to ferment.
  • Fine brandies are always made in small batches using pot stills.
  • The pot still is heated to the point where the fermented liquid reaches the boiling point of alcohol.
  • The vapors are funneled from the pot still through a bent pipe to a condenser where the vapors are chilled, condensing the vapors back to a liquid with a much higher alcohol content.
  • Most fine brandy makers double distill their brandy, meaning they concentrate the alcohol twice.
  • The brandy is not yet ready to drink after the second distillation. It must first be placed in oak casks and allowed to age.
  • Fine brandy can be ready for bottling after two years, some after six years, and some not for decades.
  • Fine brandies are usually blended from many different barrels over a number of vintages.

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California News
Home Survey
71 Percent of Homeowners Believe It's Good Time to Sell; Economic and Financial Confidence Dips

WASHINGTON (June 26, 2017) — Existing housing inventory has declined year over year each month for two straight years, but new consumer findings from the National Association of Realtors® offer hope that the growing number of homeowners who think now is a good time to sell will eventually lead to more listings.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says it's apparent there's a mismatch between homeowners' confidence in selling and actually following through and listing their home for sale. "There are just not enough homeowners deciding to sell because they're either content where they are, holding off until they build more equity, or hesitant seeing as it will be difficult to find an affordable home to buy," he said.

Added Yun, "Perhaps this notable uptick in seller confidence will translate to more added inventory later this year. Low housing turnover is one of the roots of the ongoing supply and affordability problems plaguing many markets."

Source: National Association of REALTORS®
The Wood Paneling Trend Is Back With a Twist

Wood paneling is back, but we’re not talking about the 1960s version.

Instead, today’s wood paneling trend is being used as an accent wall, instead of a complete cover of an entire room. Wood in all finishes, whether clear stain or in its natural form, are being used to create sophisticated, sleek accent walls.

  • It looks great on the wall
  • It suits any budget
  • It comes in a variety of testures
  • It is easy to decorate with
  • It appeals to the senses® reports on the trend: “Knotty pieces of wood bring a very organic look, while painted varieties are classic and always popular with homeowners and potential buyers.”

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