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Home Wine Competition

Home Wine Making is the best hobby ever invented. After diving into the art myself ten years ago, there is no turning back. YOU CAN DO IT, whether  you start with a wine kit or take advice from local people in the industry plus maybe a few videos or  classes  thrown in. Keep in mind, you can only make so much as a home winemaker according to the TTB

Once you have become an "Expert" at making your own wine, it is time to enter it into the Mid-state Fair Wine Competition. I love to volunteer for these competitions to see the varietals and lovely wines that come through. This year the Home Wine Competition Results are in.

Cheers: by Ron Johnson
Local Vineyard Listings

Live Your Dream. Become a part of the dream, not just experiencing. Let others enjoy your dream.

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Paso Robles Wineries
Find out what varietals are produced by the Paso Robles Wineries, as well as learn a little about each varietal or blend style. Use this list along with your Wine Tasting Map to help plan your tasting tour in the Paso Robles Wine Country.
Quick Real Estate Facts

North County
Single Family Residential:

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California Real Estate Facts:

  • Median Home Price
    California - $536,750

  • Highest Median Home Price
    San Mateo - $1,500,000

  • Lowest Median Home Price
    Lassen - $175,500

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Ron Johnson

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Month Event Highlights
T o know your communities, visit:

Paso Robles:

June 2nd - 14th Annual Olive Festival
Downtown City Park - 10am to 5pm

June 1st - August 17th (Thursdays) - Concerts in the Park
Downtown City Park - 6pm to 8pm


June 4th - Paso Pinot and Paella Festival
Templeton Park - 2pm to 5pm

June 7th - August 16th (Wednesdays) - Concerts in the Park
Templeton Park - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


June 13th - August 8th (Tuesdays) - Tuesday in the Park BBQ
Atascadero Lake Park - 5pm to 7pm

June 17th - August 12th (Saturdays) - Summer Concert Series
Atascadero Lake Park - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

June 24 - Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival
Atascadero Lake Park - 4pm to 8pm

Local Article

Dynamic Communities
The New American Suburb

"Can Mixed-Use be in the future for Paso Robles?"
Ron Johnson
The new kind of American community is a phenomenon driven by demographics. "Millennials have been slow to form households, but it's happening now, and roughly two-thirds say they want to live and work in mixed-use urban neighborhoods where they can feel a strong sense of community and invest in interactions and experiences, rather than things," Griffin said. The next decade could bring a baby boom that drives even more young families to what some have termed new "surban" environments.

Expect many more new American communities to dot the map soon. About 86 percent more households will form between 2015 and 2025 than in the previous decade, and 58 percent of them will be renters. There will also be a 38 percent surge in the country's population age 65 and older from 2015 to 2025, and these downsizers will also be looking for vibrant, mixed-use environments. 

Source: The Washington Post
Local Real Estate Viewpoint

By: Ron Johnson
Associate Broker
Can Mixed-Use be in the future for Paso Robles?

I definitely believe Paso is ready for Mixed-Use development!

Maybe many of you don't understand the term, "Mixed-Use",  but it goes back to the days where in the urban environments shops restaurants  were located on the first floor and residences located on floors above.  It creates a livable area for people.   Santana Row  in San Jose is an excellent example of a very successful Mixed-Use development.   Last year when visiting Denver, I observed a significant change in some of the suburban communities. Large shopping centers build in the 70's and 80's were being torn down, leaving only the anchor stores and rebuilt as multistory Mixed-Use developments.

My belief, Paso is prime for this type of development especially as an extension to downtown.  Loft condos above  the shops, restaurants, and bars would sell very well in my opinion.

It will happen.

e-mail: Ron Johnson
Cooking Corner

Ribs, need we say more!

Fan-Favorite Barbecued Ribs and Home Made Sauce

You don't need a smoker or even an outdoor grill to make Tyler's top-rated ribs; these saucy beauties are baked in the oven until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender.  Recipe

Apple Cole Slaw

Got to have cole slaw with ribs, that tender and crunch combination. The apple gives it that extra zing. Recipe
Wine FAQs

What are Tannins in Wine?

Video Featuring:
Tara O'Leary "Wine Passionista"

Tannin is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves, and fruit skins. As a characteristic of wine, tannin adds both bitterness and astringency, as well as complexity. Wine tannins are most commonly found in red wine, although white wines have tannin from being aged in wooden barrels.

What are Grape Tannins?
Grape tannin comes from the skins, seeds, and stems of a wine grape. For this reason, red wines tend to have higher tannins than white wines because of the extended contact of the grape skins with the juice during fermentation give the tannins time to dissolve in the alcohol and water.

What are wood tannins?
Wood tannins dissolve into wine through contact. Most commonly this happens when wine is stored in wooden barrels. Oak barrels are the most popular choice because of the favors they add to wine such as vanillin.

Tannin is the key component that makes a wine age worthy.

Source: Madeline Puckette @  Wine Folly
California News
Tight Housing Market

5 Tips for Buyers in a Tight Housing Market

WASHINGTON (May 12, 2017) – When inventory is low, home prices tend to go up. Attempting to purchase a house in this type of market can make the already complex process of buying a home even more overwhelming.

1. Determine and stick to a budget.  Before beginning the house hunting process, prospective home buyers should receive pre-approval from one or more lenders to verify the amount of money they are qualified to borrow. 

2. Identify desired neighborhoods and home wants versus needs.  When housing inventory is tight, buyers may need to compromise on what they believe they want from a home.

3. Be ready to make a decision quickly.  In a seller’s market, homes rarely stay on the market long, so when a house that is in their budget and checks off all of their needs come along, buyers should not hesitate.

4. Bid competitively and limit contingencies.  It is tempting to submit a low offer as a starting bid, but in a seller’s market buyers need to put forward their highest offer from the very beginning or they are likely to lose out on the home.

5. Work with a REALTOR®.   All real estate is local, so it is important to work with an agent who is a REALTOR®, a member of the National Association of Realtors®, and who is familiar with the areas and neighborhoods the home buyers are considering. REALTORS® are the most trusted resource for real estate information and have unparalleled knowledge of their communities; they can give buyers the competitive advantage needed in a tight market.

Source: National Association of REALTORS®
Confused About Solar?

The top 5 mistakes that people make when installing solar panels on their home.

1. Not getting multiple quotes on a system
Only a year or two ago residential solar systems were routinely being sold at $5 per watt equivalent to an average solar system of $30,000 ($21,000 after federal tax credit). Now there are many good solar systems at or below $3.50 per watt. Even more confusing, some government websites like still refer to $5.20 per watt. Try this solar calculator and quote comparison service for the average price of recent installations in our area.

2. Not checking the reputation of the solar company you are dealing with and the products they offer.
There is a very big difference in quality of service between the best solar installers and the worst. You can use this link to check out the reputation of the solar companies, solar panels, and inverters in your local area.

3. Not understanding how to calculate your savings from going solar.
This has caused many consumers to be attracted to zero down third party leases or PPA's that sound cheap up front but allow the solar company (who now own the panels on your roof) to collect most of the savings over the life of the system.You can calculate your savings based on your location, the utility company you are with and your electricity usage on solar-estimate by inputting your details.

4. Waiting for battery technology to emerge.
The reality is that if you live in a state that has 1 for 1 retail net metering then battery storage is not relevant to you. California law says that for each unit of surplus of solar power you export to the grid you get credit for one unit of energy.

5. Waiting for solar to get cheaper.
Residential solar is now heavily subsidized in America. There is the 30% Federal tax credit and the net metering law is also in effect. So, have you also considered the possibility that these generous incentives may not be there in the future. Even if solar fall to $2 per watt, you are a long way behind by waiting.

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