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Local Corner

Bristols Cider

I have always liked hard apple Cider, I actually make it my self but it does't come close to Bristols Cider.

Nestled in Atascadero, the atmosphere is very unique and inviting . Check out their website for the latest in music, food, and events.

I especially appreciate that they are dog friendly, of course they must be on a leash.

Local Vineyard Listings

Live Your Dream. Become a part of the dream, not just experiencing. Let others enjoy your dream.

Ron Johnson - Specialized Winery Evaluations Training

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Paso Robles Wineries:
Find out what varietals are produced by the  Paso Robles Wineries, as well as learn a little about each varietal or blend style. Use this list along with your  Wine Tasting Map to help plan your tasting tour in the Paso Robles Wine Country.

Paso Robles Breweries:
Use this  Brewery List and Map to visit this areas growing Beer Industry.

Paso Robles Spirit Producers:
Check out the  Paso Robles Distillery Trail to add to your wine tours.
Quick Real Estate Facts

North County
Single Family Residential:
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California Real Estate Facts:
  • Median Home Price
  • California - $565,330

  • Highest Median Home Price
  • San Francisco - $1,380,000

  • Lowest Median Home Price
  • Siskiyou - $212,000
Sourced from: California Regional MLS

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Month Event Highlights
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Paso Robles:

October 14 - Pioneer Day
17th and Spring Street - 10am

October 28 - Golden Oak Festival
Downtown City Park - 9am to 3pm

October 31 - Safe & Fun Halloween
Downtown Paso Robles - 4pm to 7pm


October 28th - Founders Day Street Fair
Main Street - 2nd to 4th - 1pm to 5pm

October 31th - Trick or Treat on Main Street
Main Street - 1st to 8th - 3:30pm to 8pm


October 21st - Colony Days Parade and Festivities
Parade - Traffic Way-Curbaril to Traffic Way- 0am
Festivities - Sunken Garden - After Parade

October 21st - Blugrass Concert
Sunken Gardens - 6pm to 8pm

October 28th - Zoo Boo at Charles Paddock Zoo
Zoo - 9100 Morro Rd - 5pm to 8:30pm
Local Article

5 Rules of Engagement for Requesting Repairs form Sellers
By Carl Medford | Monday September 11, 2017

It’s reasonable to ask for roof and termite clearances and that the home’s primary systems work. It’s not reasonable to ask for upgrades, abatement or cosmetic changes.

Rule 1: It is reasonable to ask for roof and termite clearances. In normal markets, buyers have historically asked for roof and termite clearances. To facilitate this, most roof and termite inspection reports come with cost estimates.

Rule 2 : It is reasonable to ask that the home's primary systems be working correctly. The  property inspection report deals with the condition of the property’s systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, foundation, etc.). It is broken into categories for each system in the home and provides an overview of each system’s condition along with any issues identified.
Property inspection reports do not come with projected costs to remedy issues.

Rule 3: It is not reasonable to ask for upgrades.
Homes are built to the building code in place at the time of construction. When buying an older home, you are purchasing it with the applicable building codes of the day it was built  or  the day any permitted upgrades were constructed and signed off by the local building department.

Rule 4 : It is not reasonable to ask for abatement.
Older homes may have materials in them deemed hazardous, especially asbestos and lead-based paint. Sellers and agents are required by  federal law to disclose any known hazards of this kind, and you can order an  inspection  to ascertain levels and locations of the material. However, you cannot reasonably request it be removed.

Rule 5: It is not reasonable to ask for cosmetic changes. Expect seller’s responses to be less than congenial when asked to make  cosmetic changes  to a home.

Source: Inman News. September 11, 2017.
Local Real Estate Viewpoint

By: Ron Johnson
"The real negotiation begins after the contract is signed" Ron Johnson

Yes, my experience has been that the real negotiation takes place after the contract is signed, agreement of repair items. Almost any home with any age on it will have a Home Inspection Report with a long list of items. Many of which are due to changes in building regulations over the years. I've had many clients consider this to be like a contractors "Punch List". I advise clients to carefully consider each item's importance to them and decide on an item by item basis if that item is worth canceling the contract and it's not always the significance of the item because every client has a view of importance to them.

There are only two items that are required by State Law to be repaired at time of sale of a property, Smoke Detectors and bracing of the Water Heater. There are others which require certification of your knowledge, but there is no implicit requirement at time of sale. All home sales in California are sold "As Is", except the Smoke Detector and Water Heater bracing requirement.

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Cooking Corner

This Columbus Day get inspiration from Christopher Columbus’s own diet for your dinner menu.


Before setting sail, Columbus’s crew stopped in La Gomera, Canary Islands, where they stocked up on cheeses. As a result, a cheese platter would be a great idea for an appetizer. Focus on Spanish cheeses like Queso de La Gomera. Serve the chesses along side Spanish Marcona almonds, honey, and raisins.

Salmon Baked in a Salt Crust

Typical meals onboard Columbus' ship would include salted fish, beef, and pork with olive oil, garlic, honey, salt, olives, vinegar, and molasses for flavor. Usually, rice, beans or dried legumes would be served to accompany the salted meat.

Pumpkin Biscuits

Sea biscuits were also commonly served on ships at this time. The dough of seasoned wheat flour and water was baked in molds and then, to make a more compact paste, after the initial baking the biscuits were broken up, pounded, re-mixed with water, re- shaped, and baked again.
Wine FAQs

The Sideways Curse Has Lifted: Merlot Is Having a Comeback

By Elin McCoy
September 29

"The irony of the movie, do you know what wine Miles covenanted?" Ron Johnson

Merlot was once the fan-favorite red grape and wine. Then came 2004 hit movie Sideways, in which Miles, the Pinot-Noir-loving main character, trashes the varietal before heading into a bar: “If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving,” he explodes. “I am not drinking any f---ing Merlot.”
Interest in Pinot skyrocketed, while the reputation of Merlot tanked. In California, growers pulled out more than 10,000 acres of Merlot grapes.

To me, the reason Merlot was bound to return to favor was simple: It’s very often delicious. Its silky, cherry fruit and round texture give it an immediate appeal that tannic Cabernet, its nearest wine rival, doesn’t have. 

Source: Bloomberg
California News
Handicapping the Rainy Season

State figures released at the end of the water year, which resets each Oct. 1, tell the story:

Mike McPhate

The northern Sierra Nevada had its wettest year, In the central Sierra,  it was the wettes t  in more than three decades,the rain at times overwhelmed the state’s water infrastructure, terrifyingly so in Oroville. But it also ended a five-year drought.

With a new rainy season within sight, should California brace for a rerun?

The chances of a La Niña have been increasing, according to the most recent forecast from the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center. Warmer weather can disrupt the water supply in two crucial ways: mountain snow melts quicker, and precipitation that would otherwise arrive as snow falls instead as rain. The melting snowpack acts as a giant tap during the spring and summer, refilling reservoirs used for drinking water and crop irrigation.

The  almanac’s prediction  ahead of last season’s deluge? Below normal rainfall in most of the state and persisting drought.

This year,  its California forecast calls for a colder winter with rainfall near or above normal.

Believe that at your discretion.

Caltrans faces a wild card as it works to rebuild Highway 1

BY: Kathe Tanner, The Tribune

Work was underway on rebuilding Highway 1 over Big Sur's massive Mud Creek Slide, which Caltrans calls the biggest slide in the highway's history. 

Mother Nature is always the wild card when it comes to keeping a highway open in steep terrain, but storms this winter could do more than cause new landslides along the Big Sur stretch of Highway. Heavy rains also could halt ongoing work to reopen the highway where crews are working dawn-to-dusk seven days a week to create new roadway over a huge slide area.

This year, Highway 1 has been closed to through traffic north of Ragged Point, with earth movement in three key spots being the most troublesome — Pfeiffer Canyon (45.5 miles north of the county line), Paul’s Slide (21.6 miles north) and Mud Creek (8.9 miles north).

Caltrans still doesn’t have a scheduled reopening date or estimated cost for the  road-rebuilding project at Mud Creek , the officials said.

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