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3rd Quarter 2016
Featured Provider
 of the Quarter

Barbara Caton, D.O.  
is doing a great job here at Katallasso Family Health Center in her care of our patients.  Barbara received her undergraduate degree from Penn State and moved on to receive her medical training at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.   She started her medical career as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy practicing family medicine in Florida.  She has gained a wide swath of experience in her career as she has owned her own practice, worked in a few urgent care centers and spent 18 years working for Wellspan in family practice and geriatrics.  "I like volunteering at Katallasso because I am given the time to truly get to know my patients and can even share my faith wherever it seems appropriate" says Barbara.

Thank you so much Barbara for helping Katallasso to reach beyond healthcare!

Volunteer of the Quarter

Sandy Wilt
has been such a great volunteer at Katallasso!  She is continually at or near the top in time volunteered at Katallasso.   We can truly rely on Sandy  to provide a level of service with a smile to our clients that is unmatched and to consistently take on all challenges presented to her.  Sandy spent 32 years working in the retail division of Pfaltgraff as an Operations Manager opening new retail stores until her retirement about 10 years ago.   It is clear that this experience has made Sandy exactly what Katallasso needs in her role as Office Volunteer.  Sandy has been married for 50 years and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.   
We are SO THANKFUL that Sandy  is serving God at Katallasso!   

Special Thanks!
A special thank you goes out to St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church who sent a group to Katallasso to serve in September.  They cleaned the center, helped us in Salem Square and even pressure washed our entry ramp.  It looks so much better!  Thanks so much!!
York Rescue Mission Rebranding 

The York Rescue Mission, a collaborating Katallasso partner,  is now Lifepath Christian Ministries.  The external and visual change will mirror the organization's renewed focus on partnerships, training and collaboration that support total life transformation for the men, women and children it serves.  Katallasso looks forward to a very long partnership with Lifepath in our efforts to impact the lives of York's residents. 

Spreading the Word 
It is absolutely amazing what God has done through the ministry of Katallasso!  Many, many lives have been impacted!  We want to share this with as many people as possible and you may just be the key.  We have spoken to dozens and dozens of groups about what is happening at Katallasso over the 3-4 years of our existence.  Do you know of or belong to a group that would like to hear about the beginning of and the ministry of Katallasso?  Rotary, Optimist, VFW, Church Group, Lions Club, Congregation, etc.  We would love to get in front of YOUR group.  Please just give us a call to line up an engagement.      

The Beginnings of Katallasso on Video
Ever wonder how Katallasso came about?  Recently Laura Lyyn Photography, through the   
gracious weathered-movie-reel.jpg gift of one of our donors, produced a video of Brian telling the story of how the idea of Katallasso was planted by God and turned into Katallasso, Inc/   
Katallasso Family Health Center. Click  here to view the video of Katallasso's beginnings.

Don't forget about our gift of a Day Program...
Names are posted at Katallasso in the waiting room on the day of support and in the Medical Area permanently on the above plaques.

(This program was started in October 2013.  $750 
supports one day of service at Katallasso.  Any donor contributing that amount in one year is a member of our Gift of a Day Program)

Thank you so much for supporting Katallasso!
Katallasso is a proud member of the followin g:

We are also registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations

Wow, Katallasso Family Health Center continues to grow.  To date we have served over 1300 folks through over 3000 visits and now we are up to 14 providers serving.  On top of that we are moving forward with more ministry opportunities.  You'll hear about them at the breakfast.  Hint:  They're not health care.  Be sure to register and attend the Annual Breakfast as we have a great speaker and a lot to talk about.
Read on.........
2016 Katalasso Health Festival  

On August 27th Katallasso Family Health Center held it's 4th Annual Community Health Festival.  It was another wonderful event with great weather on a late summer afternoon.  250 people participated in the event not counting the over 25 health related vendors in attendance.  Belvidere Avenue was closed for the day as organizations such as Forsight Vision, the American Red Cross, Wellspan, Memorial Hospital, Human Life Services, Community Progress Council, Family First Health, York County Food Bank and many many more spoke with residents about their particular programs.  Participants had to go to 17 of the stations in order to get a free lunch and be entered into the drawings. 

Many thanks for the collaborative effort from the Salem Square Community Association, Abundant Life Minsistries and the York Regional Dreamcenter! 
Katallasso Offers Health Classes 

Beginning in September and going through March, Katallasso Family Health Center is offering 16 health related classes at the center in collaboration with PennState Extension, Wellspan Health, and Memorial Hospital.  These classes are entitled Nutrition Links, Smoking Awareness and Cessation, Steps  Toward a Healthier You, Hypertension(High Blood Pressure), Living With Diabetes and What Does God Say About Health?.  As part of our efforts to reach out and collaborate with other organizations Katallasso will hold two of the "Steps Toward a Healthier You" classes at the York County Food Bank.  If you would like to attend any of these classes please call us at 885-5637 for more details. 
Katallasso Receives Pa. Medical Society Grant
In August Katallasso Family Health Center  was recognized as the 2016 recipient of the Pennsylvania Medical Society's (PAMED) G rant for Healthy Living in Ethnic Communities.  Katallasso was nominated for the $5000 award  by the York County Medical Society.   
While Katallasso has done a great job in reaching out to ethnic communities, this grant will allow us to take that effort to the next level in our effort to market specifically to these communities.  Scott Shapiro MD, PAMED president comments " Katallasso is a shining example of making a difference through health care."  Pictured are Thompson Kehrl MD, President of the York County Medical Society and Brian Kreeger, President of Katallasso.  A special thank you to Dr. Susan Kurz for nominating Katallasso for this award.  
Patient Focused Technology Upgrade

Recently Katallasso Family Health Center partnered with Accent Health in order to engage our clients in health education.  This partnership
brings education to the point of care through exclusive health content from CNN.  Our waiting room has been outfitted with a flat screen television (pictured) which brings this content to the client along with tablets in each exam room.  These tablets provide patients with credible information on key health conditions that helps them
better understand,  monitor and manage their health, as well as information on living a healthier life through better diet and exercise.  They can even have the information on the tablets emailed to them!  This is another great innovation as we seek to impact lives.

Katallasso...Reaching Beyond Healthcare!  
Ride for Refuge  

Recently Katallasso participated in the Ride For Refuge with several York area non profits at John Rudy Park and the new section of the rail trail.  This was a great family style walk/run event that raised much needed funds for Katallasso.  The team (pictured) raised just short of $9000!!!  What a great effort!   Katallasso Family Health Center also provided a first aid station for the event.  The Ride for Refuge began in 2004 and is aimed at supporting non profits who serve vulnerable populations.  This year the events raised over two million dollars in the U.S. 
Katallasso Prayer Group
Bottom line...Katallasso has been built on prayer!  Are you a prayer warrior?  Pastor Kenneth Bethea has come together with Katallasso to form a prayer group that will
meet regularly at the health center to pray for the ministry of Katallasso.  Would you like to be part of it?  There is a ton on the horizon for Katallasso and we want to make sure that we are currently operating with His vision and we are looking to the future with the same.  Please contact us at the following email address so we can get you started ASAP.  
I was lost and now.... 
(from the desk of medical director Duane Furman)
Do you ever find yourself thinking, why doesn't that guy just get a job? Why doesn't he stop depending on "the system" and do something for himself? What is wrong with him? It just may be that that guy is right where he needs to be , not because he doesn't care about himself but because God does. God may have taken him to that place because that is where God can speak clearly to him and show his goodness.
That is the man I met several months ago. He was just released from prison following a failed attempt at numerous rehab centers. He served his time with nothing to show for it but his "freedom". There were  no family or friends to help him . He had no home, no place to go, no one to come alongside him and help him up. As he would say, his last resort was the Rescue Mission. I first met him as a patient following a severe burn he had received on his leg and foot following a hot water spill.  He had no insurance and no place to go for care when he was introduced to the Katallasso Annex at the York Rescue Mission.  
Over a couple of months between wound care, time and prayer, his severe burn healed fully with only a scar remaining. He now has a reminder of that spill, but more importantly a reminder that the scar represents a time that he was  not only physically healing but spiritually healing.  
During our time together, he would talk about the program at the York Rescue Mission and how he was starting to see a glimpse of the goodness of God. The value of work, the value of being in God's word, the value that he began to feel as a person as people began to love him for who God says he is and not judge him because of who he thought he was based on his past.

See, there was never anything wrong with him as our culture might label him. He was truly no different than the rest of us except that he had made a  couple of poor choices that took him to where God needed him to go so God could do a work in him. Now he does have a "family" of people in his life that love him, encourage him, laugh with him, cry with him but most importantly are not afraid to live life with him. When we last met, he even shared how excited he was that he had been going to classes to get his GED! I was brought to tears out of joy for him to see how  he was growing and finding joy in his life once again.

What are your scars today? Are they physical? Are they spiritual? Perhaps you came from a place where God needed to take you in order to save you. When that happens, those scars are a beautiful work of God and his goodness. I challenge you to reach out to someone who may be in a place where they are unsure and uncertain, feeling without hope or even value as a person. Show them grace, extend to them mercy. Watch God work in them...and maybe even in you.

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2.We still have needs for volunteers.  As we increase the
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-What is your talent or expertise that Katallasso can use to impact the community? You don't necessarily have to be a medical staffer. We have many other needs.  

3. Financial support.  We cannot stop now.  Please consider partnering with
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4.  Medical providers-  Are you one or might you approach someone you know?

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***All of God's people must come together in order for this to be successful.  WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? 

Our mission is to emulate the love
of Jesus Christ by promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare for both the body and soul. In cooperation with the Church and others, Katallasso FHC will strive to reach beyond the health of the body for York City and surrounding communities.


Katallasso FHC: Reaching Beyond Healthcare


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