Serving York County
2nd Quarter 2016
Featured Provider
 of the Quarter

Nick Pandelidis, MD
has been serving here at Katallasso providing excellent care to our patients.   Dr. Pandelidis is a board certified orthopedic spine surgeon, fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon and a founding partner of Orthopedic and Spine Specialists
 (OSS ) in York, PA.  He received his undergraduate degree from Haverford College and attended medical school at The Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine. Nick has been married to his wife Lisa for over 30 years and they have three beautiful daughters. 

Thank you so much Nick for helping Katallasso to reach beyond healthcare!

Volunteer of the Quarter

Kim Smith, RN

Kim joined the volunteer staff several months ago and has really hit the ground running in her duties serving at Katallasso.  Kim graduated from York College with her BSN and MSN and has been a practicing RN for over 18 years.  She currently is employed at the OSS Orthopaedic Hospital where she has worked for over 6 years after working over 10 years at Memorial Hospital.  Her wide range of knowledge in the medical field is exactly what we needed at Katallasso and she is very willing to share it.     
We are SO THANKFUL that Kim  is serving God at Katallasso!   

Special Thanks!
A special thank you to Aldersgate United Methodist who came out of the pews to serve on Sunday June 26th with Katallasso.  Take a look at the beautiful work they did in Salem Square proper as you drive by.  They also were very helpful in doing a deep cleaning of the health center.  Thank you so much for being a Kingdom Church!
Church of the Open Door Missions Festival
Once again Katallasso participated in the Church of the Open Door Missions Festival.  Missions is in the DNA of COD and you can really see it through the festival.  We count it a privilege to serve alongside COD in building the Kingdom! 
Praise Community Church
Ladies Retreat
Katallasso FHC was so thankful to be able to participate in the Praise Community Church Ladies Retreat.  We found women to be grateful to know about us and our services and some even offered to volunteer.  Since the retreat we have had new clients come for medical needs as a result of this retreat and we are thankful for the exposure.  

Spreading the Word 
It is absolutely amazing what God has done through the ministry of Katallasso!  Many, many lives have been impacted!  We want to share this with as many people as possible and you may just be the key.  We have spoken to dozens and dozens of groups about what is happening at Katallasso over the 3-4 years of our existence.  Do you know of or belong to a group that would like to hear about the beginning of and the ministry of Katallasso?  Rotary, Optimist, VFW, Church Group, Lions Club, Congregation, etc.  We would love to get in front of YOUR group.  Please just give us a call to line up an engagement.      

The Beginnings of Katallasso on Video
Ever wonder how Katallasso came about?  Recently Laura Lyyn Photography, through the   
gracious weathered-movie-reel.jpg gift of one of our donors, produced a video of Brian telling the story of how the idea of Katallasso was planted by God and turned into Katallasso, Inc/   
Katallasso Family Health Center. Click  here to view the video of Katallasso's beginnings.

Don't forget about our gift of a Day Program...
Names are posted at Katallasso in the waiting room on the day of support and in the Medical Area permanently on the above plaques.

(This program was started in October 2013.  $750 
supports one day of service at Katallasso.  Any donor contributing that amount in one year is a member of our Gift of a Day Program)

Thank you so much for supporting Katallasso!
Katallasso is a proud member of the followin g:

We are also registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations

Soooooooo much going on at Katallasso as we expand our services through the York Rescue Mission and look forward to future collaborations.  Who knows where we'll pop up next?!
Read on.......
Katallasso Partners with the York Rescue Mission....Update    

So you ask how it is going at the York Rescue Mission?  Fantastic!  All of the participants in the YRM Spiritual Life Recovery Program have been to the Katallasso Annex for physicals and each new addition to the YRM family is scheduled  for a visit as part of their orientation.  We have served over 50 individuals through over 75 visits.  We have coordinated many relationships with local pharmacies so our clients can get the medications they need and have performed many labs for the program participants in order to diagnose properly.  Katallasso has not had one "no show" at the mission which shows that the participants are eager to have access to our services and also shows that this collaboration is a much needed one from the participant perspective.  In fact, in most cases the clients are 10 minutes early for their appointments! And that is just the medical stuff!  Relationships abound in this new partnership as Katallasso seeks to partner with the YRM in restoring lives and taking the opportunity to care for, encourage, and lift up the program participants. 

Katallasso.....Reaching Beyond Healthcare! 
Katallasso Attends FCAP Conference 

The Free Clinic Association of Pennsylvania is THE organization that pulls together those free and charitable clinics that seek to serve the uninsured, the underinsured and those living in poverty in Pa. Ka tallasso FHC is a proud member and attended the annual conference in May.  Well qualified speakers shared a ton of great information to include topics such as best practices, motivational interviewing, performance measures and legislative opportunities.  Pictured are Executive Director Brian with Margaret Rivello, Executive Director of FCAP, to his right and Marie Frey, Board Chair, to his left. 

And while we're on the topic....

Katallasso Founder and President Brian Kreeger recently was voted onto the Board of Directors of the Free Clinic Association of Pennsylvania by the membership.  Brian has said  "This a high honor and I believe strongly that the membership needs to pull together to be heard as one of the representatives of the most vulnerable populations, to share best practices and to encourage one another as we carry out this very difficult work".   Congratulations Brian! 
Getting to Know the
Katallasso Client

Katallasso takes every opportunity to get to know our patients a little better.  Here are a couple statistics to help you, our supporters, to get to know them as well: 

36% are not city residents 
41% white, 29% African American,21%Hispanic 
20% own their home   
57% have children in their home 
71% live below the poverty level 
40% are High School Graduates 
54% are employed 
90% have no health  insurance 
77% do not drink alcohol

(information self reported) 
Long Term Volunteer Retires

Kay Mahanes, who by far invested the most volunteer time into Katallasso from the beginning,  has chosen to retire.  Kay is a committed servant of God and was a steady hand through many growing pains as we continued to stretch the ministry.  She touched each and every volunteer as she trained them on various duties, most notably the electronic medical record.  We are SO thankful God brought Kay to us at exactly the right time and we will truly miss her!  It would be easy to fill this newsletter with Kay's accomplishments at Katallasso FHC but we will end with wishing Kay well in enjoying her time with family.  
Katallasso Joins PANO

You may have noticed on the panel to the left the organizations of which Katallasso is a member.  Recently Katallasso became a member of PANO, the Pennsylvania Association of Non Profit Organiations.  Over the years we have attended many seminars held by PANO concerning a number of topics from governance to fundraising law to leadership.  We have found great value in these seminars and are taking our relationship to the next level through membership in the organization.  Feel free to visit their website at PANO.org

Louis J. Appell Jr.
June 19, 1924-June 27, 2016
(from the desk of Katallasso Founder Brian Kreeger)

There is no way we can write this newsletter without honoring a good friend of Katallasso, Louis J. Appell, Jr.  Just like I'm sure thousands of people in York and beyond, I considered Louis a friend and mentor.  From the first time I met him in his offices, to the visits to the center, to lunch in our home and other various events around town, Louis (along with Jody) was always an encouragement and a person who would lend a thoughtful ear.  He was a very unassuming person who, in my experience, always believed in and hoped for the best in people.  He believed strongly in his "responsibility and duty" to give back, especially to those who are most vulnerable amongst us.  Clearly he not only believed this but took action, supporting tons and tons of efforts across the city.  It would honestly be very easy to fill this column with stories of a man who gave his life as an example of servant leadership and giving back, but I will end it here.  I just pray that Jody and his family will be comforted in this difficult time by our great God and heavenly father and by the memory of a life lived well.

Katallasso Prayer Group
Bottom line...Katallasso has been built on prayer!  Are you a prayer warrior?  Pastor Kenneth Bethea has come together with Katallasso to form a prayer group that will meet regularly at the health center to pray for the ministry of Katallasso.  Would you like to be part of it?  There is a ton on the horizon for Katallasso and we want to make sure that we are currently operating with His vision and we are looking to the future with the same.  Please contact us at the following email address so we can get you started ASAP. 
From Prostitution to....? 
(from the desk of medical director Duane Furman)
Amidst all of the impactful moments that we observe and experience at Katallasso, there could be a sense of "being comfortable" with what is taking place to transform lives. I guess it could be a concern of being complacent in the day to day impact which if not cautious we could find ourselves asking the question, what are we truly about? We are about sharing the love of Jesus to those who are in need of hope, love, someone to care and encouragement. That is all done through grace, mercy and humility to build a relationship that is real.

Recently, a young woman came into Katallasso as a new patient. She openly shared some of her life struggles and the hopelessness that she felt. At about 5 years of age, her Mom told her that she was going to take her to visit her Dad for a couple of days. Little did she know that her Mom wasn't coming back for her once she dropped her off.  Hurting and longing for her Mom, her stepmom stepped in and raised her and loved her as any Mom would. Though she felt loved,  she still felt an emptiness . As she grew, she experienced physical, verbal and  sexual abuse through her teenage years . Her loneliness and emptiness continued to consume her identity, to the point that she resorted to prostitution to try and meet financial, emotional and love needs. Unfortunately (or fortunately), she was arrested and incarcerated for several months. Upon release, she was broken. She was without hope, still hurting and longing to be valued, loved and encouraged. 

Then she came to Katallasso... in need of addressing her health care needs of hypertension and depression. She had no idea what God was about to do! She was  welcomed and loved from the front desk, to the nurse, to the provider. During her time with the provider, the obvious needs for her hypertension and depression were discussed. More importantly though, was the  extension of grace, mercy , encouragement and love towards her as the provider spent time praying with her. As she left  she was brought to tears as she said "in all the years of her life, through all of her hurt and pain, no one had taken the time to pray for her. No one had taken the time to encourage her. No one had taken the time to show her grace, mercy or love." 
But that day,  God did what he does best , use his followers to show his love and goodness. For the first time in her life, this young woman has hope, has felt loved and feels valued. Who knows where this story goes? Just another story of the "real world"  Katallasso experiences.  Praise God!

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Our mission is to emulate the love
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Katallasso FHC: Reaching Beyond Healthcare


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