October 2016
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The State of Small Business

Are you optimistic about the future? As small business owners or managers, what are our biggest concerns? Let's look at results from a 2015 survey of 1,100 small businesses by Wasp Barcode

What Keeps Us Up At Night

The Top 5 Business Challenges for companies with 11 - 500 employees are (in different order by company size):
  • Growing Revenue
  • Increasing Profit
  • Cash flow
  • Hiring & retaining employees
  • Raising Capital / Government Regulations
What strategies will companies leaders use to increase revenue this year? The top 2 strategies are:

1) improve existing customer experience and retention (56%) and 
2) invest in new customer acquisition activities and methods.

What About Marketing?

When asked what they spend on marketing, 56% of small businesses spend less than 3% of revenue; 34% spend more than 4% of revenue on marketing efforts. Here's how it shakes out:

Social Media 61%
Email Marketing 46%
Paid Advertising 37%
Press Releases 36%
Direct mail 32%
Trade Shows/SEO 30%
TV/Radio 20%
Blogging 19%
Other 18%
Paid Internet Ads 12%

What percentage of these companies update their social media at least once a month as part of their marketing strategy?  

Facebook = 61%             LinkedIn = 34%              Twitter = 29%

Only 10% of businesses felt that their websites were "extremely important" to their business, with another 49% at "very important" and "important". Thirty-seven percent say that 1-5% of their business is generated online.

71% of small businesses do not use Customer Relationship Management software, although CRM is listed as an IT priority for the future. Of the 29% that do, 24% use Salesforce.com.

Where does your company fall within these statistics? What are your plans for growth next year? 

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