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April 2017
MDG Celebrates New Park Opening at LA Metro Division 14 Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility 
MDG celebrated the opening of Ishihara Park at LA Metro's  Division 14 Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility in Santa Monica, California. MDG's Jared Weismantel attended City of Santa Monica's " Park Days, Come Play !" The special celebration honoring the openings or dedications of four area parks took place February 25, 2017, and offered family-friendly activities, entertainment, and refreshments.  

Located just outside the Division 14 Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility, the 2.35 acre park was designed as a buffer between the maintenance facility and the adjoining neighborhood. When designing the Division 14 facility, MDG and the Team provided an extended space for the park, allowing the park to stretch along the length of the facility and serve the entire neighborhood.

Named in honor of World War II veteran and long-time neighborhood resident George Ishihara, the park creates a tree-lined green space for relaxation and recreation. 

Jared enjoyed the activities, refreshments, and entertainment at Ishihara Park, and took note of how the park complemented the new facility. 

"I was most impressed by the park's connection with the operations and maintenance facility," Jared noted. "The projects were designed in concert with one another.  I anticipate many community members who enjoy this park will be surprised to see light rail vehicles on the other side of the glass walls!" 

MDG's Jared Weismantel attends the Grand Opening of Ishihara Park
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Don Leidy Attends High Speed Rail Conference
MDG's Managing Principal Don Leidy recently attended the US High Speed Rail Association Conference in Los Angeles. At the conference, business and industry leaders from around the world discussed high speed rail (HSR) and advocacy issues surrounding this exciting mode of transportation

HSR is a popular mode of transportation in countries around the world. With fast speeds and long travel distances, HSR offers a safe, cost effective option for travelers. High speed trains operate significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, with speeds ranging from 150 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour) to 210 miles per hour (350 kilometers per hour).  

High speed rail provides an efficient travel option between flying and driving. Seat-belt free, unfettered movement coupled with electronic-device friendly travel and a smooth, quiet ride from start to finish means more productive time for travelers. Dependability also ensures greater opportunities for productivity; in the first 50 years of operation in Japan, HSR's average delay has been a mere 57 seconds.  

In addition to the rider benefits, HSR also offers economic benefits to the community through efficient land use. In the new Lyon Part-Dieu HSR station in Lyon, France, there are approximately 45,000 jobs, 10.8M square feet of office space, and 45,000 hotel rooms surrounding the station. With open pedestrian access, stations provide dining, shopping, and business options for both travelers and area residents. 

Having ridden, studied, and met with HSR manufactures and operators in places such as China, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy, Don is excited for the opportunities HSR presents to travelers in the United States. The conference proved an exciting opportunity for Don to discuss HSR advocacy issues with other industry professionals.  

"Getting the word out to those in America who've never ridden high speed rail is important," noted Don. "Once you experience high speed rail travel, you recognize it's value as a modern, sustainable mode of travel." 

Don Leidy and the Executive Director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association Rick Harnish discussed advocacy issues at the US High Speed Rail Association Conference in Los Angeles

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