Issue 14 August 2018
Smoke-Free Colusa County Newsletter
The Smoke-Free Colusa County Subcommittee, part of the Colusa County Partners for Health, aims to improve the health of Colusa County residents through education and promotion of a tobacco-free lifestyle.
Colusa County Youth Coalitions
Colusa County Youth Advocates for Change have began meetings at two chapters in Colusa County! The first chapter, based in Colusa, had its first meeting on August 22nd. A new Community School Chapter also started based out of Williams and had their first meeting on August 28th. Plans for this year include utilizing digital media advocacy for youth campaigns and hosting the annual North State Youth Advocacy Summit!

If you know any youth interested in participating, please contact Santana King at .
Check out these links to some of the latest tobacco issues!
Next Colusa County Partners for Health Meeting
The next Colusa County Partners for Health meeting will take place on September 13th from 12:00-2:00 at Colusa Veterans Hall. We will be taking a group picture, so dress to impress!

Please RSVP to to be included in the lunch order!
Interested in a meeting or community presentation to learn more about secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke, tobacco marketing towards youth, or the Colusa County Tobacco Education Program? Contact us directly to schedule an appointment:

Colusa County Tobacco Education Program
Contact: Amanda Pitts
Phone: (530) 458-0380
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Interested in quitting smoking?
Colusa County Public Health | Tobacco Education Program | (530) 458-0380 | 251 E. Webster Street Colusa, CA 95932