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This month, our staff share a few highlights.


STREET OUTREACH - From David Rout, Executive Director

A few Tuesdays from now, for the 500th consecutive Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday evening, two volunteers will pick up the Street Outreach vehicle, head out onto the streets of Fort Collins, look for homeless men, women and children and provide supplies, referrals, support and hope to everyone whom they encounter. That's a little more than three years without a missed shift - a testament to the dedication and compassion of the 100+ individuals who have volunteered with us since the start of 2012. Here's what one of those awesome volunteers had to say about the experience of  Street Outreach:


"It provides an opportunity to give back to the community, to help those who often aren't in a position to be able to help themselves; to open my eyes to the needs of the community and to help keep me grateful for the many blessings I have... Who knows what the future holds - someday I might just find myself on the receiving end."



HAND UP - From Linda Nuss, Hand Up Coordinator

The Hand Up Program is in full swing for the new year with 18 permanent job  

placements already in 2015!  One of the things the program has been focusing on is growing our list of "business partners." These are the local businesses willing to work with our program to help employ qualified candidates.  With the help of Integrity Core Services, Waffle House, BJ's Brewhouse Restaurant and Valley Steel & Wire, just to name a few, we have successfully referred and placed several individuals in solid job opportunities.  This model is proving to work and work well for so many.  Not only are the companies getting folks who REALLY want to work but they are also giving a second chance to those who may have some significant barriers that would otherwise prevent them from getting back into the workplace.  If you or any business you know or frequent would like to join our list of active Partners please contact Linda@HomelessGear.org or
970-316-4337.  Please feel free to pass along the contact info as well.



ONE VILLAGE ONE FAMILY - From Ken John, Founder and Assistant Director

The One Village One Family program has received enthusiastic support from our community since its introduction in October of last year.   We now have villages with Homeless Gear, Summitview Church, River Rock Co-Housing, Plymouth Congregational Church, and Community of Christ.  One of our families is now in their own apartment and officially no longer homeless!  More villages are being formed and unfortunately even more homeless families are waiting for placement.  You can help by passing the word about the OVOF program, financially sponsoring a village, or forming a village.  Contact Ken@HomelessGear.org or call (970) 581-4921.  You can also visit our One Village One Family website.



 COINS FOR CHANGE - From Chelsey Mandell, Director of Community Outreach

A few months ago, we launched an awareness-building campaign: Coins for Change. Students study the issue of homelessness, build awareness and collect loose change as they follow a person (figuratively) from homelessness to self-sufficiency. These past few weeks have reminded me of the incredible youth we have in our community.  Our first Coins for Change school (featured here) set the bar high for Coins for Change, making awareness-building videos, talking about panhandling, sharing personal experiences, spreading the word and raising over $2,000 in loose change. Each school that has followed - Olander, Zach and, soon, Shepardson - has been just as creative.  Thank you to the awesome youth in Fort Collins and the schools, teachers, parents and administration involved!!  If you'd like your school to take on Coins for Change, contact Chelsey at chelsey@homelessgear.org 

Meet the Interns!
Jessica Dugan, MSW Intern
I chose to do an internship with Homeless Gear to step out of my comfort zone.


Lisa Dunworth, MSW Intern 

I chose to do my internship with Homeless Gear because of the great work I see being done here. I love being an active part of a growing program that works on the forefront of new creative programs to support individuals and families on the path to self sufficiency. Working with families and individuals who are dealing with homelessness is why I wanted to go into social work. Homeless Gear fits my educational and professional goals perfectly!


Jenn Elman, BSW Intern

I chose to do my internship with Homeless Gear because I wanted to work with a population I hadn't had as much exposure with as I have with others. Homelessness affects a variety of people in different ways and helping to make even the smallest change in someone's life can mean the world and really help them to move forward.


Jessica Link, MSW Intern  
In all honesty, I started with Homeless Gear because you guys were so flexible with my crazy work and school schedule. But once I started I fell in love with the programming, resources, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of everyone here as well as the incredible people we serve.


Colter Schutte, BSW Intern
Homeless Gear drew my attention because I wanted a hands-on experience with a population that is greatly misunderstood and has many false stereotypes. Also I saw an opportunity to actually make a direct impact on men and women that could largely benefit from the support that Homeless Gear has to offer!
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On January 21st, Homeward 2020, the City of Fort Collins, the Bohemian Foundation, and the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce organized and co-hosted two "Community Conversations on Homelessness." Homeless Gear and numerous Homeless Gear supporters participated in and/or attended the event... Missed it the first time? You can watch either session by clicking on one of these links:  session 1 or session 2

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