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Dear Friends,
As many of you know, I've been serving  as chair of the Sierra Club's West Los Angeles Group for the past few years.
The West Los Angeles Group is a regional group of the Angeles Chapter.  Serving Los Angeles and Orange counties, the Angeles Chapter was  founded in 1911 as the first local chapter of the Sierra Club.  And, what I think most people don't know, is that the Angeles chapter of today is pioneering some of the most cutting edge clean energy, clean water, and outdoors programs that are having a huge impact on Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Far from an 'old-line not-for-profit', the leadership team from the Angeles Chapter is visionary and entrepreneurial. We are dedicated to an environment where everyone breathes clean air, drinks safe water, and has access to open spaces. Needless to say, I'm completely moved by this cause, this team, and its vision.  
Today is Giving Tuesday. It's a nationwide day of giving to the causes that matter most. I'm hoping you will consider giving to our chapter today by clicking here:    Whatever you can give will be truly appreciated.


David Haake
Chair, West Los Angeles Group 
On the Bright Side

Plastic pollution is a serious problem in this country.  A majority of this can be addressed by avoiding single use disposables and recycling what we do use.  The problem is that some plastic trash is unavoidable and it never breaks down in the landfill.  Scientists may have found a solution though.

Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered a wax moth which can ingest specific types of plastic, producing a useful compound in the process.  While additional research is necessary to determine how this happens, it's a great first step in solving our plastic waste problem.  Read more here.
Another Reason to be Thankful 

Every fall, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) releases data on the state's biggest emitters of heat-trapping gases, which are regulated under the state's cap and trade program. In 2016, their combined carbon dioxide emissions were 16 million metric tons lower  than in 2015 - a "huge and unexpected drop." 

Most most of the drop was due to the continued shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources for energy, especially solar. In 2016, solar electricity generation in California jumped by nearly a third. Meanwhile, the LA Department of Water and Power stopped buying coal-fired electricity  from the largest coal plant in the West, the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona.   Read more
here .
Sierra Club Happenings!


Make a Difference

When making your holiday wishlist this season, consider asking for the gift of carbon offsets!  Instead of another object that you may not need, you can ask friends and family to pay for all or some of your carbon offsets for the following year.

First you will need to estimate how much carbon you produce annually based on your diet, transportation, and housing.  This is also a great exercise to learn how you can cut back.

To calculate your carbon footprint and learn more about buying offsets, go here.

Give Back Every Time You Shop at Amazon!

The holidays are fast approaching. Why not give back when you buy gifts? Use our link every time you login to Amazon, and portion of your purchase will be given as a donation to the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.  

 It's never been so easy to donate to the Sierra Club!

Did you know?

Harwood Lodge is located high in the San Gabriel Mountains, named after Aurelia Harwood, first female president of the Sierra Club. 
Harwood Lodge is available for weddings, events, or for guests who just want to spend a few days in the mountains. Click  here for more information!
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