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Nature inspires many emotions: joy, peace, awe, apprehension, sadness, curiosity. Joe Doherty tries to convey those emotions to the viewer while connecting his images to a specific place. He wants the viewer to develop  an emotional connection  to that place, too. It is only by making this connection that people develop their sense that nature is worth preserving for its own sake.

Please join us Thursday, November 9th, 2017 at 7pm at Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium in the Garden room, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230. Please RSVP HERE!

This free educational event is sponsored by the West Los Angeles Group of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.  You don't have to be a Sierra Club member to attend.  

Please join us!  We look forward to seeing you there!


David Haake
Chair, West Los Angeles Group 
Speak Out This Monday in Support of Renewable Energy!
  • This Monday, November 6th, the Culver City City Council will consider whether to join a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program and if so, whether to prioritize renewable energy as one of their goals. 
  • Watch this Youtube Video to learn more about CCEs.
  • Click HERE to read about the Sierra Club's position on CCEs.
  • When: 7pm, Monday, November 6, 2017
  • Where: Mike Balkman Council Chambers, 9770 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. 
If you want to make difference, speak out in support of renewable energy!  You don't have to be a Culver City resident.
Thanks to Councilmember Mike Bonin for His Outstanding Leadership!
  • Mike Bonin "works side-by-side with his constituents to protect the environment and quality of life in every neighborhood in his Westside district," said Marcia Hanscom, Executive Committee member of the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter.
  • "He is a leader in the battles for more mass transit, for improved mobility, and for traffic relief. He's a forward thinking leader and a great voice for the Westside," Denny Zane, a transportation leader and one of the architects of Measure M.
  • Click HERE to read Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods First Newsletter.
Think Globally, Act Locally!

Click HERE for information on how to send a letter to the Los Angeles Archdiocese requesting that they terminate their lease with AllenCo.  

AllenCo had been poisoning Los Angeles residents for years with toxic fumes until Senator Barbara Boxer asked EPA investigators to pay AllenCo a visit; they were immediately sickened by the fumes at the site.  AllenCo owes $1.25 million in civic penalties and has been shut down for four years but is now poised to reopen.

Click HERE for more information on the AllenCo site from STAND-LA.  Sierra Club supports STAND-LA's efforts to stop neighborhood drilling in Los Angeles!
On the Bright Side

For years, residents of South LA have had to endure the excess air, noise, and light pollution from oil drilling happening in their own backyards, literally. However, thanks to activism by local residents and environmental and health organizations, tougher regulations have ordered by the city!

Now oil and gas companies must follow stringent sound proofing requirements and undergo more comprehensive and regular review processes to protect SoLA residents and the environment. To read more about this big local win, read on here.
Sierra Club Elections

Voting is important!  Whether you're electing a president, county supervisor, or an organization's governing body, it's your chance to make your voice heard.  As a member of the Sierra Club, your chance to shape the policies of your local chapter and group is right now .

Be sure to vote by November 17th to have your ballot counted for members of the Executive Committee for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Management Committee for the West LA Group of the Sierra Club. To find out how to vote, go here.

Sierra Club Happenings!

Attend the California Sierra Club PAC Fundraiser in Huntington Beach, 3-6pm, Saturday, November 4th!

Make a Difference

California has $400 million dollars coming it's way from Volkswagen.  This is our share of the $2.7 billion settlement from the emissions scandal.

There are many things that can be done with this money, but we think that the best idea is to spend it on electric vehicles to decrease green house gas emissions.

Oil lobbyists are already advocating for the money going towards natural gas and "clean diesel" so it's important that legislators hear our voices loud and clear!

Tell California to spend the Volkswagen settlement on electric vehicles here
Extra Reading

In an admirable display of tenacity, Rep. Adam Schiff (D) announced a second attempt at a bill that will add 191,000 acres to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.  

To learn more about which new areas would be protected by the bill, and why Rep. Schiff thinks this time he will be successful, read more here.
Did you know?

Harwood Lodge is located high in the San Gabriel Mountains, named after Aurelia Harwood, first female president of the Sierra Club. 
Harwood Lodge is available for weddings, events, or for guests who just want to spend a few days in the mountains. Click  here for more information!

Give Back Every Time You Shop at Amazon!

If you're anything like us, you shop way too much on Amazon. Now, you can do so and give back at the same time!  Use our link every time you login to Amazon, and portion of your purchase will be given as a donation to the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.  

You can give back just by purchasing things you already would. It's never been so easy to give!
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