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Indiana Kitchen Fresh Back Ribs
Since Indiana Kitchen meat only comes from nearby Indiana pork farmers, they offer you the honest-to-goodness freshest, tenderest, most flavorful pork you can find.

These Back Ribs are hand-selected and carefully trimmed so you’re putting the best pork on your table—with no hormones*, gluten or MSG added, ever.

Also called “baby” back ribs for their length, these short and meaty ribs come from the top of the ribcage (hence their name). Back ribs make BBQ dreams come true as they are perfect for grilling, smoking, slow-cooking or broiling.

**Low price: $2.55 a Pound**

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Big Fork knows that everyone loves bacon, so we crafted a bacon-inspired pork jerky so you can enjoy the flavor of bacon anytime, anywhere, without guilt.  Big Fork Craft Pork Jerky is meaty, smoky, sweet, savory, and most importantly craveable.  

Big Fork supports small independent farmers in Iowa who raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors. These hogs are not treated with antibiotics, so you know you are getting premium-quality, handcrafted, delicious jerky. We use the best tasting pork on the planet. We slice the lean pork thin and marinate it overnight.  Then it’s slow smoked and dried in small batches to a perfect tender bite and texture. Packed with 11 grams of Paleo friendly protein and totaling 100 calories per pack, this is one lean, mean, fighting machine. 

Like all of our products, Big Fork always uses only simple and clean ingredients. You can taste the difference. Available in 3 mouthwatering flavors:  Original, Maple, and Spicy 3-Pepper.
***8/2.25oz, $26 a Case***
Monthly Spotlight

This sauce is bottled heaven that combines sweet and tangy in a way that compliments any food where a BBQ flavor is desired. With only a hint of smoke, the majority rules in terms of being a favorite for the masses at your tailgate, family gatherings, neighborhood block party, or a quiet dinner at home. Grilling season is right around the corner so it's time to stock up on a delicious BBQ Sauce!


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