What's New in 2014.2.0                                                                                   
We are excited to announce the upcoming release of STRIKER 2014.2.0 CAD/CAM & Nesting software.  We've been listening, and STRIKER 2014.2.0 introduces a number of productivity features that are directly from customer requests.  Click the image below to see them in action.  




Included in the 2014.2.0 Feature Pack:




  • Concentric circle processing with auto punching.
  • Hole corner settings.
  • Tool swapping feature.
  • AutoPunch tool limit control.
  • AutoPunch - Cycle Detection for Line-at-Angle & Grid cycles during autoprocessing.
  • Rolling tool performance and speed boost.
  • Rolling tool setting for "Treat as Round" for Tool Merge/Map.



  • Per part run times in nest reports.
  • Speed up with head down optimization and lead violation checks.



  • Per part run times in nest reports for profile parts.
  • Improved shear nesting functionality.



  • Inventor support for new method.
  • SolidWorks support for including sketches.
  • Manual creation of assemblies.
  • DXF File Import.
  • Drawing Selection Import.

*Once the 2014.2.0 is publicly released, Technology Assurance Program customers can download and install the update by opening your Striker 2014 software, clicking "Striker" in the top menu, and then going to "SS-Web\Web Updates\Check for updates".  

AutoCAD 2015                                                                                                           
For our customers running AutoCAD, we wanted to take a quick look at a few of the new features that have been added to the new release. In addition to the text, feel free to use the video links provided below to get additional information on these new capabilities.

Click the image above to watch a general overview of the new features within AutoCAD 2015
New to AutoCAD 2015:

  • Autodesk has introduced a refined interface that aims to reduce eyestrain by adding a darker, softer, and more aesthetically pleasing interface.
  • The revised ribbon gallery allows you to visually access drawing content directly from the ribbon itself, bypassing the need to click a command and physically access a separate dialog. For example, you can hover over the ribbon for 'block insertion' to display a thumbnail preview pop-up that will show all of the available blocks, allowing you to insert a specific block into your workspace without having to access a dialog box.
  • Autodesk has also included a revamped New tab, which makes it easier to browse and open existing files, start new drawings from specific templates, access tutorial materials, and to connect to the online community through Autodesk 360.
  • A command preview function has been added that will allow you to preview the result of certain commands before you commit to your selection. For example, hovering over line segments as you run the TRIM command will visibly remove those segments prior to physically selecting them, giving you a chance to visibly preview the result before you physically execute the command and generate the result.   
Striker FAB & DIE Professional 2015                                                                 
As it is with every yearly release, it is important to note that the current Striker 2014 is not compatible with the AutoCAD 2015 version and will not operate within it. As a result, Striker Systems is tentatively targeting 2015 version releases of our Fab and Die Professional CAD/CAM software packages to become available in the next following weeks. Once available, the 2014 Fab Professional and Die Professional versions will be fully compatible with AutoCAD 2015.



If you have an active Technology Assurance Program membership, your FAB Professional 2015 or DIE Professional 2015 upgrade will be delivered to you upon release.  If you do not have a Technology Assurance Program membership you can contact Karen Harper at KarenH@StrikerSystems.com or 1-800-950-7862 x203 to discuss your upgrade options.  



Productivity Training Schedule                                                                
As a reminder, one of the advantages of maintaining a Technology Assurance Program membership is that you get to take advantage of our FREE Productivity Training in our White House, TN (Nashville area) training facility. Productivity Training is a best practices training session designed for existing Striker Systems software users wanting to improve productivity. If you would like to participate in a Productivity Training, please contact Nancy Vandewalker at 800-950-7862 ext. 206 or NancyV@StrikerSystems.com to reserve your seat.

Upcoming Workshops:
  • May 15: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • May 16: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • June 12: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • June 13: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • July 17: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • July 18: SS-Profile / SS-Nest

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