Conquerors through Christ at The CORE
June 2015
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Conquerors through Christ Sermon Series at The CORE

We wrapped up May with a two-week sermon series at The CORE in Appleton, WI where CtC Chairman Mike Novotny serves as Pastor.

During week 1 we heard the graphic truth about sexual sin and how sexual sinners need Jesus in a sermon called, "Graphic Grace," which you can listen to here.

During week 2 we learned about how sexual sinners need their churches and their Christian brothers and sisters in a sermon called, "Conquering Porn Together," which you can listen to here.  
Pastor Mike Quote
Quote from "Conquerors through Christ" sermon series at The CORE
Western Wisconsin District Conference

Dan Schoeffel gave a 10 minute presentation on CtC to about 200 pastors and teachers at the Western Wisconsin pastor/teacher conference on June 8. With three PowerPoint slides he gave a brief background on why CtC was started in 2012, introduced the committee members via a photo of them and offered a bullet list of things the attendees could do, like:  



The presentation concluded by showing the video "A Plea to Pastors." Many expressed appreciation for the CtC ministry to Dan and Pat Schlosser who was manning a CtC table at the conference. Pat noted that traffic at the table picked up dramatically after the presentation.


National School Leadership Conference

CtC was thrilled to be a gold level sponsor of this year's National School Leadership Conference. It was great to meet so many of you there! Many thanks to the conference organizers for this opportunity.

Pat was at the CtC booth all week and gave a presentation called, "Temptations and Realities of Pornography in Our Schools."

The ave. - Purity in the Digital Age

Copper Rock Coffee Co

210 W College Ave #1  

Appleton, WI 54911 


Pastor Mike Novotny continues the ave.'s summer series, "Purity in the Digital Age." Pastor Mike has experience in coaching and counseling young people in their battle to resist temptations and to break from self-destructive habits. He'll bring his work to us at the ave. and through God's Word, equip us to live as the people God's made us.
As always, expect good friends, good music, and good coffee at the ave. unplugged!

Gearing Up For WELSTech Conference 2015

As an Internet-based ministry tackling an Internet-amplified issue, CtC is gearing up to attend the WELStech conference next month. Stop by our booth to learn more about protecting your soul in the digital age.
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