Twenty (Four) Questions for Extension
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Question #1: What's new with Currituck Extension for 2017?
It is a new year, so it is time to freshen things up a bit! What can you expect from NC State Extension in Currituck this year? You will certainly be seeing some changes. For starters, our e-news will be getting a facelift and you'll notice more educational content on our website. We'll also add some more pizzazz to our monthly impact videos. Excited yet? Here come the details...

We're going to have a little fun by playing a year long game of twenty (four) questions! Each of our twice, monthly newsletters will answer a question related to the work that we do here at Extension. Do you have a burning question you'd like us to address? Give us your input here . Our electronic newsletter will continue to be delivered to subscribers and program participants twice per month. You will also still find included in the news links to all of our upcoming events. We hope you enjoy the fresh look!

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Urgent Information
According to the latest weather forecasts, our area could be getting some extreme winter weather this weekend. Make sure you take time to prepare your home, farm and animals for the approaching cold. Review the article  at Extension's Disaster Education Network for the best information on getting prepared and what to do in case of power outage.  Be safe and stay warm!  
About Extension
4-H Youth Development

Cooperative Extension's 4-H program is the largest youth organization in the world. Through clubs, camps, contests, school projects and more young people learn by doing from University faculty and staff as well as trained volunteers.

Agriculture programming in Currituck Extension is diverse. Agents and technicians get the latest information from scientists and researchers at NC State and other universities and offer programs to farmers, gardeners and homeowners.
Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences programming from Currituck Extension helps citizens improve their nutrition and health. This is more than just fad information, it is based solidly in science from our nation's best universities.