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As an old guy with a fused ankle reflecting on the completion of my second half marathon, I can honestly say there is satisfaction in completing a goal.  It was a long 13.1 miles and I admit most people walk faster than I run, but that's ok. Slow is better than not moving. I am proud of the goal I achieved. I hope you are ending your year positive about what you have accomplished both in your business and personal life.

Many have followed my running journey and life change through my SuccessFit4Life! blog posts. Getting more active came with the encouragement of people I have met through Runners Lane in my community, as well as people within our industry.

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Our Annual
Fun Run/Walk at the PPAI Expo is Coming!
There is No Cost and Everyone is Invited to Participate!
Kick Off Expo Week with an Endorphin Stimulating Morning!
Join us 
Monday, January 9th at 7:00 AM 
in front of the
Mandalay Bay Convention Center for a casual 
Fun Run/Walk

This year we are putting the focus on our friend and colleague 
Tee Hamilton, who is fighting a cancer battle.
Donations in any amount to Tee's Go Fund Me Page are welcomed.
(Feel free to mention you are running, walking, riding, hiking, 
crawling, praying, or wishing her well through this season.)

A integral part of  SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS  is supporting 
worthy causes and that's what we are doing here. 

Reach More Buyers!  Sell More Products!

We'll be launching the sales generating  SuccessFit4LIfe! PROGRAM  in January.
Savvy distributors who want offer this program to clients will receive 
a special offer when we launch. Contact us for more information 
Good Stuff Will Be Happening in Orlando!
This is a Great Show in an Awesome Location...

We may do an informal SuccessFit4Life! Fun Run/Walk in Orlando
Join the FPT SuccessFit4Life! Facebook Group and watch for details.
Trade Show Survival!

Attending trade shows give us a great advantage. We are able to see what's new, strengthen relationships with suppliers and our distributor colleagues, as well as benefit from a variety of education sessions.

In January our industry hosts two great industry events...
The PPAI Expo and the ASI Show Orlando.

There are a variety of ways to effectively work trade shows. In this piece, three savvy industry professionals, Lee Ann Peter from FiF Marketing/iPROMOTEu, Jennifer Sullivan from Your Partner Promotions, and Glenda Stormes-Bice from Bankers Advertising have put together some thoughts on how to make the most of your trade show experience.

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End-User Safe Videos You Can Share With 1-Click!

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How a Prime Directive Guides Your Actions
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GP2 Silver 400
Fields - Holiday Gifts
(With End-User Safe Video You Can  Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
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Promote your brand, business, cause or upcoming event with  Classic Buttons from ID Line These Made in the USA buttons come in various shapes and sizes.
Learn more about them in this short video.

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Make it a great day!  

Jeff Solomon, MAS
Publisher - FreePromoTips.com