What's REALLY Important to You?

What's important to you? Being successful? Having a loving family? Working in a rewarding career? Making a difference in people's lives? 
All these things are important to me, of course, some are more important. In life, we have choices and all of us have different, unique priorities. 

These priorities tend to change as we move through various stages of life.

When I created  FreePromoTips.com in 2004, the goal was to help others in the promotional marketing industry like I have been helped. When I chose to add promotional products to my apparel decorating business, I was invited into a group of nurturing people who greatly enhanced my career. This was and continues to be a tight knit group of industry professionals. We've shared life, sadly some death, and a variety of transitions along the road of life.

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Owning our Own "Oscars Oops's"

The Oscars mix- up has been the hot chatter for a couple of weeks now. As I think about this and the error that was made, I believe there are several lessons that we can walk away with.

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