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What's a few minutes of your time worth?
Are there any of you that honestly believe that you do not need a secure and guaranteed income flow in retirement?  I have talked with many retirees since the crash of 2008.  Since they are now withdrawing income their accounts are not back to the balance of 2007, even though the markets have recovered.  Some of that is due to the fact it took the markets 5 years to recover.  You see if you have a substantial decline in your portfolio 5 years before or 5 years after retirement you have a substantial risk of running out of money before you die.  

You have what I refer to as reverse dollar cost averaging, if you are taking say 5% in income and you are paying your advisor 2% in fees, you are actually reducing your portfolio by 7% per year, along with the damage being created by volatility of the market.

I know that it is easy to listen to the pundits on the news shows and think that everything is okay.  But we really are at a place economically that we have never been before and what worked in the past will never work again.  Give me a call and we will discuss ways to allow you to sleep at night without worry.  You may have very little time given the events around the world.
Raymond McFolling
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