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Notes from Pastor Zehnder

Holy Week Has Come
Palm Sunday:
This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. Obviously we call this Sunday "Palm Sunday" as it commemorates the "Triumphal Entrance" of Jesus into Jerusalem. The royal palm branches are waved, the street is carpeted with garments of those watching, and the shouts of "Hosanna to the Son of David" are heard. It is indeed a scene of triumph as Jesus is acknowledged as the "One who comes in the Name of the Lord!"

But this Sunday has another name, "Passion Sunday," because it marks the beginning of our Lord's terrible suffering and death which takes place as He moves to that cross and is nailed to it. The Prophet Isaiah will remind us that this is all "for us." Christ suffers and dies in our place, and thus brings God's peace and His forgiveness to us. Christ's passion brings our salvation.

Our "Hosannas" are fitting. They are "laced" with tears, as we know that it is our failings and sin that has brought suffering to Jesus. So let's consider these things dear sisters and brothers. Our theme for today is fittingly, "Hosanna, Wet with Tears..."

We will celebrate four baptisms this weekend, three at the 6 PM Saturday service:  George Paul Fraser, Laura Davis, and Mila Jo Fraser, and then at the 11 AM Sunday service:  Derek Mateo Marano. God's bless these brothers and sisters in the precious and powerful waters of Holy Baptism!

This Sunday , Pastor Schaefer will be at the 9:30 AM service. I will be spending time with the First Communion Class in preparation for their communion on  Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday: Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and then bestows on them and the Church Universal the great Feast, His Supper. Miraculously and in ways only comprehended by Faith, Jesus gives us His Body and His Blood, the same which will soon be on Golgotha's cross. The mystery of it all.  Several young people of our congregation will receive this Sacrament for the first time at the 7pm service. That service will close with the moving Stripping of the Altar, and then in darkness.

Good Friday: The Altar is bare. The Son of God is dead. We are moved by the worship and by the 7pm Tenebrae Service with its profound darkness. Reverent silence will prevail. "Oh sorrow dread, our God is dead..."

Easter Eve Devotion:
At 6 pm we will gather quietly outside, at the front of the Sanctuary. The doors will be open but we will not go in. We will see the Christ Light burning brightly, and we will receive that Light. We will pray, sing, hear God's beautiful Word, and then in confidence and with joy in Christ's Resurrection eagerly await Tomorrow when we will go up and into the Temple of the Lord, decorated and adorned for the Resurrection King of Kings!

Sunrise Services and Easter Festival Services : 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00. It's fitting to have four opportunities for worship on the Day of Days! Word and Sacrament and Celebration will lift us up to the Heavens! Our dear friend, Pastor Larry Schaefer, will be the Preacher for the Sunrise Service!

Trinity Resurrection
Thanks to all who continue to support the Trinity Resurrection effort!  While this is a "low key" process our people are responding generously. Please do what you can, dear members and friends of Trinity. The total received thus far is almost $60,000.00. Wonderful generosity. Please participate as you are able and blessed.

Because of scheduling conflicts we must move the Foundations Class forward, beginning on Sunday, May 28.  The sessions will take place on Sundays at 9:30 AM.  Pastor Stephen Schroeder, good friend of Trinity and frequent guest here will offer a four week "Foundations" series for members and friends of Trinity who desire a deeper knowledge of what Lutherans believe and confess. These sessions are idea for those desiring to enter into formal membership in the Trinity Family. Foundations will also offer an excellent way to "reconnect" with earlier instruction in the Faith which many received as a young teenager heading for Confirmation!   Pastor Schroeder is an outstanding teacher and will be a good friend! Watch for additional information. The Nursery is available Sunday school is also available for!

Jackie and I will be returning to Wisconsin shortly after Easter. Heartfelt thanks to you, our Trinity family. We will be praying for you and for the exciting future God has in store. We will be following the news! Thank you for the many kindnesses you have extended to us. We love you. Pastor Z and Jackie.

-Pastor Z

From Trinity's Leadership Council

Trinity Family
Change!  It seems inevitable as of late at Trinity.  We have all heard that change is good but at the same time we often struggle with change because it takes us out of our comfort zone leaving us insecure and sometimes even afraid.  We are undergoing change at Trinity and with it will come challenges and opportunities.   We at Trinity, whether student, staff, or congregational member, can be assured that there is One who walks with us who doesn't change no matter what the circumstances.  We are reassured through Paul's reflections in Philippians 4:11 of Jesus' own counsel that to worry is to doubt God's ability to help.  Instead, we are counseled to tell God our needs and "Be Anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus".

Changes are happening right now.
PASTOR ZEHNDER AND JACKIE will be headed north soon and the Reverend Larry Schaefer has humbly accepted our invitation to serve as Vacancy Pastor at Trinity.  Reverend Schaefer will be joining with us each weekend starting on April 22 nd to proclaim the Word of God and administer the Sacraments.  Moreover, he will be providing spiritual leadership and oversight to the congregation and staff and supporting our ministries.   At the same time, the Call Committee continues to press on with a new list of potential candidates for our Senior Pastor.  The next Foundations class is scheduled to begin in May with Pastor Steven Schroeder leading .   We are in a transitional period of change but our ministries continue.

Our beloved DEACONESS LIZ will be departing for a Call to Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries in Sanford in two months.  She has humbly served each and every one of us during her 10 years at Trinity and will be sorely missed; however, she has answered a Call to minister to another part of the Kingdom.  What a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for Liz to grow in her own faith.  This gives Trinity members the ability to step up and fill some of Deaconess Liz's many roles.  At the same time, Trinity can step back and consider how the congregation wants to utilize its resources for ministering to our community.

There is a great deal of behind the scenes work going on with the CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT TASK FORCE and our ministry partners at Foundry Commercial.  Behind the scenes, changes in our daily operations designed to bring efficiency and cost savings and bring improved campus security and utility savings initiatives are being worked on.  Also, preliminary work on understanding the condition of the Ruth Lane houses and the Magnolia property are being conducted as we prepare for renovations.  The Task Force and staff are finalizing plans to restore our ministry staff back onto our main campus and evaluate renovations and leasing potential in the Magnolia Building.  These are changes focused on utilizing our resources more efficiently and consolidating our staff onto our campus.

In late February, Leadership Council brought TRINITY RESURRECTION to the congregation with a request for giving to offset anticipated budget shortcomings and to alleviate constant cash flow issues.  We are not out of the woods yet, but through faithful giving Trinity ended March with a cash surplus.  Behind the scenes your Leadership Council, School Board, volunteers, and staff are formulating financial policies that support financial accountability within our ministries.  Finance staff and a small army of volunteers have been working very long hours in supplying the necessary information for our first ever audit of Trinity finances.  This is a three-year process that will bring accountability and clarity to managing our finances and support school accreditation as well as our ability to seek grants to support our historic facilities and our ministries.

In addition, your Leadership Council has begun work on developing a true POLICY-BASED MODEL OF GOVERNANCE , which will support congregational structure through which lay leadership governs and staff operates our ministries.  There is much work to do but this change will provide for a Leadership Council that works closely with the congregation in planning for future vision of ministry at Trinity along with staff and volunteers that are enabled and encouraged to  carry out our mission.

Yes, there are significant changes happening every day at Trinity.  Most importantly there are changes going on in the lives of the children that are ministered to in our school ministry, children's minstry and youth ministry, changes in the missions that we support, and changes in you, the congregation, through partaking in the Word of God and fellowship at Trinity.  We, in leadership, represent you, the stewards of Trinity, and want to hear from you about change, about your needs and about how you can help these processes at Trinity.  Please feel free to contact any member of Leadership Council through our group email at or in person.

From Trinity's Elder Ministry Team

Name Tags
The Elder Ministry Team is moving forward with procuring name tags for our members. Wearing a name tag is a gift that you will give to your new Pastor when the Lord brings that man of God to us! (And we pray for that always!)

There are sign-up sheets for Trinity name-tags in the narthex and by the side door to the loggia. Please print carefully your name exactly as you would have it printed; include your first and last name. The Tags to be purchased are sturdy, attractive and magnetic. No more holes in blouses and shirts!  We would like to have the name-tags in place before we have our new Senior Pastor.  A $7.00 donation is requested for the tag, but not required.  Since this is a non-budgeted item, donations are appreciated if you are able.  When you make a contribution, please write "Name Tags" on the memo line of your check. If you give a cash donation, place it in an envelope which are in the pew rack and clearly mark it "Name Tag."

As always, please introduce yourself to those around you on campus and in worship! You may recognize the face but cannot attach a name! Let's change this! God bless us in this endeavor!

A Call To Prayer
Please continue to pray once a day for Trinity Downtown, as your schedule permits, through Easter. Trinity is facing two important issues we'd like to ask you to include in your prayers: the call of a Senior Pastor and a serious financial situation; and as always, we join together in prayer to cover the petitions of our entire Trinity family and those we're connected to in addition to those prayers for Trinity.  Daily reminders are going out on Facebook each morning at 6am and you are welcome to share your own prayer requests in comments and show you're praying for others who have posted by "liking" their prayer request comment. Let's come together in prayer as we seek God's wisdom and guidance in these matters all other concerns on your hearts.

From Deaconess Liz Borth

To My Trinity Family,

On Sunday, March 26, Pastor Zehnder announced through prayer that I had received a call to serve as Deaconess at Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, Inc.  Since Trinity has extended many "calls,"  many of you are very familiar with the term.  However, I am not as certain all really understand what a call to serve as a worker in the Lutheran Church means.  Only church (or synodically) trained and educated workers are "called" as it is considered a sacred placement by God. It is important that you understand how difficult it is for a church worker to discern between the call to "go" or the call to "stay" is best for ministry.  As I weighed whether I would continue in my call to Trinity's congregation or move to the call to serve Redeeming Life, I struggled to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to have my heart open to God's plan. It was a difficult week as I heard many voices telling me to stay and others asking me to come.  It is important that you all understand I did not solicit the call to Redeeming Life.  It is equally important to me that you know I am not unhappy with the opportunities for service here at Trinity.  I love this place and the people.  We all prayed fervently for God's Will (and I know there were a few "please let Deaconess stay at Trinity" prayers).

I believe with certainty that I am to move on and so have accepted the call to serve as Deaconess, Director of Program Ministries at Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries. God brought me to Trinity in April 2006 as an intern, and then enlightened the hearts of the congregation and leadership to extend a call for me to serve as Deaconess on May 23, 2007.  I am leaving because God is calling me to move to another ministry.  I LOVE Trinity and everything I do here. This was a hard choice to make, but only because I wanted to stay where everything is familiar and I know everyone and everyone knows me.  It was hard to hear that still small voice of God gently telling me to go.

I will continue my same service at Trinity until the end of May and then report to the Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries office the first week of June.

My service to Trinity will continue until the day I report to Redeeming Life in Sanford.  I and the Elder team will be representing all of you at the VPK graduations as we present the Bibles you all purchased.  I will hand out the Baptism Anniversary recognitions two more times to our school children during chapel.   I will be part of the Sunday School teaching team until our summer break.  Tuesday Women's Bible class will meet until May 23, when we finish the study guide.  There are also two more Chick Flick Fridays and two Bunco parties before the end of May that I can enjoy with you.

I appreciate the atmosphere of love and care shown to each person on this campus, and pray it will grow stronger as you all take a step closer to Jesus in your relationship with Him.

Deaconess Liz Borth
All The News

The Great Easter Surprise is TOMORROW!
LAST CHANCE to INVITE YOUR NEIGHBORS!  For all Children and Families, Saturday, April 8 , 10am on our Trinity campus. Kids and Families will enjoy SURPRISES, as they visit 7 different stations, such as "Confounding Creation", "Marvelous Mirascope", "Surprising Snacks," and more. Registration forms are in the Narthex and School offices. For more info contact Gladys at

Like and Share Holy Week Posts
As you see Trinity posts on social media sharing Holy Week worship schedules and scripture passages from the Bible, don't just scroll on by: LIKE & SHARE. You extend the reach of the Gospel by clicking on those posts -- causing them to reach a larger audience.  What greater gift can you give a friend online by sharing the Word of God, an opportunity for discussion, or even an open invitation to worship at Trinity.  LIKE & SHARE Trinity ministry posts, and consider inviting someone to church this coming week.

Bible Study Schedule
No Bible study classes or Sunday school will meet on Easter Sunday.

Member Photos
We are now in the process of completing arrangements for having Trinity's Church Directory printed.  Anyone who did not have their photos taken by Re:MEMBER and would still like to be included in the directory can submit a digital photo to the church office.  The photo, preferably a head and shoulders shot, will be submitted with our layout package for inclusion in the directory. There is a ten dollar charge for each photo submitted, which includes receiving a copy of the directory when it comes out.  Deadline for submitting photos is Tuesday April 18th.  Any questions please contact Tom Finger.  email:, phone: (407) 765-9483.

Gifts for Life
Julia Malenke and Betty Traugott are walking a mile for life on tomorrow, Saturday, April 8. Thank you to those who pledged monetary support.  The need for donations does not end after a mile walk, however.  Please offer your financial support and prove Trinity Lutheran supports a choice for life. Your dollars in the offering plate are clear evidence of your pro-life belief. Mark your offering envelope "Choices".  Choices Women's Clinic has expanded from a small office on Edgewater Drive to a full fledged health clinic on West Colonial for support and  encouragement of young women in their choice against the temptation of abortion.

Men's Bible Study - New series begins April 13
Come bring a friend/associate. A new study series begins next Thursday, April 13, in our early morning study with a great breakfast at "City Diner" (across the street from the Courthouse) We meet from 6:30-7:30am!  That's very early, but just think, you'll MISS all the morning traffic! The Holy Spirit will be there to guide us in the study of the book of Judges (an especially pertinent study in our time of political unrest). For questions, contact Steve Kerestes .

Adult Bible Study, Sundays 9:30am - New Study Series Begins April 23
In a six-part series, the Sunday 9:30am Bible Study class will examine the Lutheran Confessions compiled in the Book of Concord.  This class meets from 9:30-10:30am on Sundays. The discussion-oriented class will examine:
  • The history of the Lutheran Confessions
  • The heresies confronting the Church and confounding Scripture
  • The heritage and 500 th Anniversary of Luther's 95 Theses
  • How to express what you know why you believe this in the context of the Lutheran Confessions
Recommended reading/purchase: Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions (A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord).  Paul T. McCain, Editor, 2012.  St. Louis, Concordia Publishing House.

Spring Break
Give yourself a well deserved break on Saturday, April 22.  Spending a morning with wacky and funny Lutheran women (yes, there are such females in our church) will guarantee you receive spiritual encouragement, meet some interesting and unique people, and share delicious food you don't have to provide. Contact Deaconess Liz: 407-488-1919 X 127 or if you want to share a ride to St. Lukes Lutheran Church in Oviedo.    Breakfast and $8.00 registration from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. start the morning and lunch concludes the day from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Grab a flyer off the usher table as you enter for worship services.  If you are unable to attend , please consider a donation of NEW items for children's backpacks: small stuffed animals, toy cars, dolls and action figures, individual tissue packs, small fleece blankets, child toothbrushes and toothpaste. An LWML box is located in the Narthex. No registration fee for all first time attendees who R.S.V.P. to Deaconess Liz.

Trinity's Youth Ministry is ready to flip some pancakes on Easter morning!  We will serve pancakes (complete with a toppings bar), fruit, juice, and coffee from 7:00-10:30 AM in Fellowship Hall. Proceeds will benefit TYM program costs for the year. Come out and enjoy some Trinity fellowship on Easter morning and support your TYM as well!  

Free Viewing of The Jesus Film, Friday the 14th
We all know Easter is so much more than eggs and candy!  Here's an opportunity to share the whole story.  There will be a free viewing of The Jesus Film (family version) at the Walt Disney Amphitheater at Lake Eola on Good Friday, April 14th at 7:30pm. Sponsored by individuals in a local small group Bible Study, the "Orlando Friends of the Jesus Film." To learn more about and/or contribute to The Jesus Film project visit

April Has 5 Sundays
Every month with five Sundays means Food and Funds on the Fifth!  We follow the example of the early Christian Church and share our gifts and abundance with anyone who has a need.  On April 29 and 30, the Lake Eola Publix grocery cart will receive canned and boxed food for "The Samaritans".  This is a small group of Christian men and women who see Jesus in the faces of hundreds of men and women living in Orlando without permanent shelter.  Trinity is connected to this charitable group through Maleny Perez, a teacher in our VPK classroom. Please donate Macaroni & Cheese, vegetables that can be used for soup or stew, pasta and sauce, and Winn-Dixie or Publix gift cards to bless hundreds of our neighbors without walls.  Any Funds on the Fifth cash funds donated through the offering plate are added to the Discretionary Fund and offered to anyone in our church, school, or neighborhood in need of financial assistance.  Contact Deaconess Liz with questions: 407-488-1919 X 127 or .

Golf Tournament May 13
The sweet aroma of freshly clipped grass is in the air!  That can only mean one thing...the Pastor Sam Hoard Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit Trinity Lutheran School Athletics must be just around the corner!  It will be held Saturday, May 13 th at beautiful Celebration Golf Club.  The 4-Person Scramble will begin with a Shotgun Start at 8am.  Cost per player is $95 which includes Greens Fee and Cart, Range Balls, Continental Breakfast, Lunch and fabulous prizes!  Go to the website at to register your foursome.  Contact Planning Team Member Mark Brink if you have any questions at or 321-217-8112.  

Comfort Dog Ministry
The Comfort Dog Ministry is now in fundraising mode.  Our dog is in training  and we need to get busy raising funds. Our immediate goal is $15,000 to cover the costs of the dog, dog supplies, Top Dog training, handler trainings, and next year's budget. We have created a ministry page at where you can learn more and donate any amount.  You may also use the collection plate to donate, marking your donation "Comfort Dog".  Very soon, we will be creating a Facebook GoFundMe page open for you, your family, friends and community connections to help us raise our goal.  This will be an on-going campaign, as this is not a line item in Trinity's budget, but funded solely by donations from supporters.  Trinity family, this will be YOUR ministry comfort dog, and we look forward to the endless possibilities that lie ahead for this ministry!

Contact Information Change
If you have had a change to your contact information, such as, name change, change in phone number, email address, or street address, please get a large blue card form an usher during worship, complete the new information, and return the card to an usher.  Thank you!

Weekly News and Phone Tree
If you aren't receiveing them and want to, please let us know @

Important Dates

April 8   The Great Easter Surprise 10am
Holy Week
April 9   Palm Sunday, regular services
April 13 Maundy Thursday & First Communion 12:10 and 7:00pm
April 14 Good Friday worship 12:10 and 7:00pm 
    (offices and school programs closed)
April 14   The Jesus Film, Lake Eola, 7:30pm
April 15 Saturday evening Easter Vigil 6:00pm
April 16 Easter Sunday (sunrise 6:30 plus regular services) 
   Pancake Breakfast  7:00am-10:30am
April 17 Easter Monday - Offices & school programs Closed
May 1-5   Trinity's Staff Appreciation Week
May 5 PTL Sponsored Spring May Day Festival
May 13 Pastor Sam Hoard Memorial Golf Tournament
July 17-21  Save the Date: VBS

INVITE someone to be YOUR guest in worship at Trinity
Please share this invitation with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, 
and any other connections as opportunities arise.

April 1&2, 2017


Sunday School/Bible Study
Children's Sunday School  NR
Youth NA
Confirmation NR
Adult Bible Study  17

6pm   33
8am   72
9:30am   745
11am  72
Total in Worship  322


Last week C & M  Actual Recd: 17,477  Budgeted: 25,653   Over/(Short): (8,176)
YTD C&M   Actual Recd: 664,997 Budgeted: 664,046 Over/(Short): 951.32
Bridge To The Future   Received: 1,657 YTD: 48,470
Faith Factor   Received: 0  YTD: 17,795
Holiday/Loose Plate   Received: 814 YTD: 26,493
Trinity Resurrection   Received: 545        YTD: 57,164
Faithfully Forward   Received: 410 YTD: 30,194
Comfort Dog   Received 95   YTD: 945

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