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Question #11: 
What's in the Garden?
The official start of summer is just around the corner and that means we'll soon be enjoying fresh, delicious vegetables from our home gardens. One of the first fruits you can expect to see in your summer garden is zucchini.

Zucchini is a summer squash variety that was introduced to the United States from Italy. In Europe, zucchini is known as courgettes. There are green and yellow types available, though green, cylindrical zucchini are the most popular. Zucchini grow very well in well drained, sandy soils with ample organic matter. Because squash are warm season vegetables, they should not be planted until the threat of frost has passed. 
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4-H Youth Development

4-H is a youth organization committed to building citizen leaders with marketable skills to succeed in today's global society. 4-H provides pathways for youth to view learning as relevant to the world around them, to connect with their communities, and to become intentionally concerned and contributing citizens of their communities. 


North Carolina's agricultural industry makes major contributions to local communities and the state's economy. In Currituck, agriculture has a $50 million impact to the local economy. Agriculture programs educate farmers and homeowners to ensure farm sustainability, environmental stewardship and worker health.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences programs improve the well-being of the family through programs that educate, influence public policy, and help Currituck County families put research-based knowledge to work in their lives. FCS programs focus on nutrition, health, food safety, food preservation and local foods systems.