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What's keeping Allstate's director of consumer insights awake at night?

Hey qual! Native language may change moral decision-making

When it comes to mobile respondent experience and data quality, survey design matters

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Research War Stories: 'Because Jesus told me to'


What's keeping Allstate's director of consumer insights awake at night?
By Anne Bailey Berman 


Allstate Insurance's Director of Consumer Insights, Bob Pankauskas, sat down with Anne Bailey Berman, president of market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) to talk innovation, mobile and what clients need to expect from market researchers. This is an edited version of the original Q&A that appeared on the CMB blog.  


Bailey Berman: Innovation isn't a word people typically associate with insurance, yet the industry's changed drastically in the past five years. How has that impacted you as a market researcher? 


Pankauskas: Innovation is a big part of what my team is charged with supporting. 


Can prepaid cards overcome a bad reputation?   

By Tim Spenny

The verdict is unanimous: Prepaid cards are the fasting-growing segment of the card industry. However, despite the time and devotion spent by card companies on innovation, product design and awareness and usage, there remains a cloud of negative perception and potential misinformation surrounding prepaid cards.

There is no question that there are enormous opportunities for prepaid cards both in the U.S. and abroad, providing payment options to:

You know how to get CX and VoC data. You probably have servers full of Big Data just lying around - surveys, operational data, historical data, even regular old phone conversation transcripts. Allegiance can help you unlock that giant pile of data and make it instantly useful.

Second-screen behavior and advertising: A valuable connection?  
By Joel Rubinson                         

Marketers and media companies are always looking for an edge. In this case, many are placing great attention on second-screen behaviors - that is, the behavior of someone watching TV while using a second-screen device. The desired edge comes from engagement: if a viewer is so into a TV show that they are looking up actors, answering synchronized quizzes and tweeting about the show, it creates the possibility for drawing more attention to a commercial that is running on TV and perhaps being reinforced in some way on the second screen. That makes the commercial more valuable to the advertiser and therefore would command an additional premium to the cost of the advertising.


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The sugar shift (and why labels are so important)  


Research War Stories: 'I'll call the FBI if you ever call me again!'


In the popular War Stories column, which has run sporadically in Quirk's since 1994, Art Shulman, president of Shulman Research in Van Nuys, Calif., presents humorous tales of life in the research trenches, based on his own experiences and those of researcher friends and colleagues. Each month in our e-newsletter we feature a few anecdotes from past War Stories columns.


Peter Rich cites a product placement study, conducted early in his career, where he and his field crew inserted the test product into mailboxes, unaware that it's illegal for non-postal employees to place anything inside a mailbox, even if postage is affixed.

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