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DC MOVES Forum - January 23, 2017
Please join us for our first Forum of 2017, where we will continue to further enhance partnerships amongst the participating agencies of DC MOVES.  The County of Dufferin and Headwaters Communities in Action will be facilitating this gathering which will focus on the three pillars of DC MOVES, which include:
  1. Community Well-Being - The well-being of a community can look different to different people and organizations.  Together, DC MOVES members will define the common goals and needs regarding the well-being of the community within Dufferin County.
  2. Poverty Reduction - Finding the needs within the community to approach the reduction of poverty and formulating action plans moving forward.  This will be supported with information and findings from the Dufferin Poverty Task Force.
  3. Resource Sharing - The sharing of resources, back office supports, volunteers, etc. across organizations.  By coordinating the sharing of resources, training and professional development, agencies can enhance and support services. As a shared and well communicated priority Training and Professional Development has been identified as a key priority by many.  This subgroup will focus on developing and coordinating training and professional development relevant to topics that have been identified as important by our community organizations. Community Foundations - Organizing an infrastructure to collaborate on grants, pool donations (private and public), for the purpose of supporting social improvement in the community is work that is currently under way.  This too has been identified as a key priority and those interested in being involved with this work can share their interest as well.