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DC MOVES Forum - April 20, 2017

We invite you to join us at the next DC MOVES Forum, where you will be introduced to the DC MOVES Coordinator, Carol Good, have the opportunity to receive information and engage in discussion regarding the progress of DC MOVES and Pillar priorities, and discuss our next steps

Registration is now open!  The following link will take you to the registration page: http://conta.cc/2oagc5w

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Interesting facts:



1. Recognized or thanked by the organization they volunteer for by hearing HOW THEIR WORK MADE A DIFFERENCE



LEAST PREFERRED: Banquets, formal gatherings and public acknowledgement in newspaper, radio or TV.  Interestingly, these are the most common methods used by organizations, yet the least preferred by volunteers.


Many thanks to all those who took the time to complete the Volunteer Dufferin surveys.  Your feedback is appreciated!

Collective Impact 3.0 is coming up in just over a month's time and we are so excited to be welcoming 14 different presenters who will be sharing their collective impact experience and expertise as part of our agenda. We all know that we learn better when we hear different perspectives and this will be a unique opportunity to take stock of various collective impact approaches and to share lessons learned directly from experience.

Since you're interested in this field, we're excited to share with you the full workshop schedule that includes a breakdown of workshops by stream.

The curriculum has been designed across three peer learning streams based on your experience in collective impact and each day is structured to strengthen your community change practice, allow you to gain new insights into the dynamic nature of community change, and give you the tools you need to move to impact.
  • The Collective Impact 100 stream is for those individuals and groups at the early stage of their journey. This group of practitioners will learn to identify the core readiness factors required for a community to move forward. They will explore how to move their ideas about community change into concrete action plans. 
  • The Collective Impact 200 stream is designed for individuals and groups that have an idea, have developed an early stage plan, and are beginning to ramp up their efforts. Practitioners in this stream will focus on early stage evaluation and shared measurement, engaging partners in mutually reinforcing activities and setting the stage for backbone governance. 
  • The Collective Impact 300 stream will dive deeper into their collective impact efforts including deepening the evaluation and learning practice, developing an approach to sustaining collective impact efforts, and strategies for deeper engagement and ownership.
What stream would you be in?
This workshop is not for the faint of heart! It is designed to be an intensive experience where you will get in and get dirty with collective impact. Learn more:
Collective Impact 3.0
May 9-11, 2017
Kitchener, Ontario

Please let Heather ( heather@tamarackcommunity.ca) know if you have any questions or are wondering if this workshop is right for you.
Community Wellbeing
Dufferin Child and Family Services
Building Better Tomorrows
In support of the Dufferin Children's Fund
Sheldon Kennedy - Former NHL Player, Author of Why I Didn't Say Anything
Sheldon will be speaking about the importance of hope for survivors, and the need to end the stigma surrounding sexual abuse.
Sheldon speaks from the heart on this sensitive social issue.
Those who attend his sessions come away with a greater understanding of child abuse and are inspired by Sheldon's commitment to converting personal tragedy into positive change.
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at the Caledon Ski Club - West Lodge from
11:30 to 2:30pm.
 Early Bird Tickets are $85/pp, with a chance to win Blue Jays tickets.
 Click here to purchase tickets: https://goo.gl/BbAjk2
  (Tickets $100pp after March 31, 2017).
 Includes catered lunch by Lavender Blue Catering
Poverty Reduction