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Cities and communities are where people live. It is here where we see the effects of public policy and it is here where the public will address the issues that matter most to Canadians. If we are ever going to significantly reduce poverty in Canada it will happen through one city or one community at a time.

Our Canadian cities have achieved tremendous things. And they are planning to accomplish even more.

Later today at 2:15pm EST , two city mayors - Mayor Don Iveson of Edmonton and Mayor Fred Eisenberger of Hamilton - are joining together on a webinar to share how they've committed to be proactive, collaborative leaders for poverty reduction. We're pleased to be hosting this conversation where the Mayors will share what's been going on behind-the-scenes - what has taken place over the past year, and what's in store for 2017.

Get access to this free webinar (even if you can't attend, if you register we'll send you the recording)

Then in April, two very exciting things are happening:


The release of a new guide for Cities Reducing Poverty focused on the 'how' of engaging business in poverty reduction. 


 We are working with cities to research and document stories of impact to illustrate the important role that business can play in enhancing poverty reduction efforts and the tangible steps that cities have taken to expand their multi-sectoral tables to the private sector. Last year we released 10: A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty that proved to be catalytic in describing the municipal role in the fight against poverty, and we are so excited to be releasing this new guide for you in April.

The 2017, Cities Reducing Poverty: When Business is Engaged Summit, is being held in Hamilton, Ontario.

In its third consecutive year, over 300 people from across the country are expected to convene to learn and share how they can work more collaboratively to eliminate poverty. Read the article written in the Hamilton Spectator about the Summit. This gathering is fundamental for adding to the collective understanding of what works and what needs more thought and adaptation, and through this lens we will examine some of the most impactful approaches to poverty reduction, such as living wage, decent work, housing and homelessness. In addition to a robust learning environment, there will be community tours and celebrations of the outstanding work that is already occurring in communities across Canada. Learn more about the Summit.

We encourage you to join us in these steps towards eliminating poverty. Each year we get closer. This is a co-operative environment, and it is only through sharing our knowledge that we can see impact faster.

Please reach out to Natasha if you have any questions.
All the best,
The Tamarack Team