We now release What's on the MOVES on Friday. We will continue to share information received about upcoming events, agency news and announcements with the DC MOVES mailing list. If you have information to share through this bulletin, please contact the DC MOVES Coordinator  Carol Good.
DC MOVES Leadership Table

I attended the HCIA sponsored Peter Kenyon workshop on June 26. During his presentation on reinventing rural communities, he emphasized that local leadership is essential. He provided this list of leadership attributes:
  • make things happen
  • create the vision
  • inspire community members
  • facilitate collaboration and relationships
  • instill a positive mindset
  • foster leadership in others.

These attributes were demonstrated this week when the DC MOVES Leadership Table met. The agenda included reviewing the June 21 Forum results of the, the website upgrade project plan and the initial draft of the DC MOVES initiatives inventory. I want to thank the committed and talented people at the Table:

Peter also used many quotes during the workshop- one of my favourites that applies to DC MOVES was the African proverb:
If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together.

Resource Sharing
Residential Relief Counsellor Needed
Are you looking for opportunities to enhance your Social Service skills and experience? Do you want to 'keep your foot in the door' after maternity leave or retirement? Are you available on an as-needed basis to work day, evening, overnight and weekend shifts? Then Family Transition Place's Residential Relief Counsellor position may be for you!
Family Transition Place operates an Emergency Shelter for women and their children who are dealing with the effects of abuse. The shelter is located in Orangeville, Ontario.
Residential Relief Counsellors are an important component of Family Transition Place's services and programs.
Relief Counsellors are responsible for providing:
  • Crisis Line response and support
  • Supportive one-on-one and group counselling; information and referral to appropriate legal, medical and housing services and other community resources
  • Completion of administrative tasks i.e. record keeping, intake procedures, reports
  • Routine facility maintenance and security procedures
  • Post Secondary Education in the Social Service field
  • Understanding of violence against women and children issues
  • Crisis intervention and problem solving skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work both cooperatively as a team member and independently with minimal supervision
  • Basic knowledge of community resources and how to access them
  • Strong supportive counselling skills
  • Knowledge of basic residential facility management
  • Skill in the use of a personal computer for word processing
  • Availability for shifts on a short notice
  • Proof of valid Ontario Driver's Licence and automobile insurance
  • Vulnerable Sector Records Check
Hours of Work:
  • As-Needed basis within a rotating schedule of day, evening, overnight and weekend shifts.
  • Must be available for overnight shifts
  • Must be available on short notice
Family Transition Place is dedicated to achieving a workplace that reflects the diversity of the community it serves and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates.
Please forward your resume by 4:00pm on July 21, 2017 to:
Fax #: (519) 942-8243
Only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

Call for Focus Group Participants
Community Legal Education Ontario is looking to assess the needs of front-line human services workers in providing paralegal information to clients seeking social assistance, including Ontario Works and ODSP. 
To that end, they are calling for participants to be involved in a focus group via conference call to take place on Friday, July 31, 2017 from 2 to 4 p.m. CLEO is looking for participants across a variety of service areas. 
If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Carol Lee Smith at  carolleesmith.mail@gmail.com.
Source: OMSSA Newsletter - July 13, 2017

Do funders ask you to measure
the value of volunteer time?
Many funders ask organizations to measure the economic value of volunteer time for the projects they fund. Often, organizations use a simple wage replacement calculation. Volunteer hours are multiplied by an hourly rate. And this estimates the economic value of volunteering.
There are practical and philosophical issues with this approach. Counting hours doesn't show the impact of the volunteer work. And as a result, it gives an incomplete picture of the value of volunteers. For some, the idea of putting a dollar value on involvement belittles the volunteer's efforts. Many feel the passion and commitment of volunteers is priceless.
Volunteers and the act of volunteering bring multiple benefits to organizations, communities and people. Organizations receive enormous contributions of time, talents and skills. Communities are healthier and more cohesive through active citizen engagement.
People receive important services from volunteers, and, through volunteering, people gain experience, improve their employment and educational options and have a greater sense of belonging and well-being.
How does your organization measure the value of volunteers?

Community Wellbeing
Province Convenes Inaugural Housing Forum

Ontario is establishing an expert forum to offer suggestions and engage in discussion on how to make housing more affordable in the province. The forum will bring together housing experts and partners including economists, academics, developers, community groups and the real estate sector to advise the on how to make housing more affordable and accessible.

Source: OMSSA Newsletter - July 13, 2017 
Home Ownership Program

The County of Dufferin Homeownership Program is designed to provide moderate income individuals and families, with an interest free down payment assistance loan, to help them in purchasing their own home.

The County can provide up to five percent (5%) in down payment assistance to eligible applicants to assist them in purchasing a home to a maximum of $22,750.

For further details on the County of Dufferin Home Ownership Program please contact 519-941-6991 ext. 2010, or visit: www.dufferincounty.ca

Poverty Reduction
As we continue to plan for a large-scale build in Dufferin, we look to our community for support. At Habitat for Humanity, support comes in many forms. 
  • Volunteer with us! Learn more about our volunteer opportunities in Dufferin here.
  • Shop at the Orangeville ReStore, or donate your gently-used furniture, appliances and more. Learn more here.
  •  #PartyHardforHabitat: This September, we're hosting our first ever Ultimate Habitat House Party in Dufferin! Find out more about tickets, sponsorships and more by emailing brenda@habitatwdg.ca 
We're building homes and building the future of community - our community.