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DC MOVES Resource-sharing Proposal: MoveItOn

Resource-sharing is one of DC MOVES' three priority pillars. Forum participants provided input about what they would like to include in this  pillar. This was grouped into the following three clusters:

  • Training & Development
  • Back-office supports
  • Community Foundation.  
Brenda Burman, Campus Manager, Georgian College, Orangeville and DC MOVES Resource-sharing Lead,  has been working with a small task team to develop a process to support surplus sharing between DC MOVES members as a back-office support. After brainstorming, the new process has been tentatively named - MoveItOn.
The goal is to have DC MOVES members post information about their surplus workplace supplies on the soon-to-be upgraded DC MOVES website. The posting will be shared through this bulletin each week. The MoveItOn transfer arrangements will be handled by the people who have the surplus supplies and the people who want them.
MoveItOn details will be shared when it is launched this summer. Stay tuned!

Community Wellbeing
Community Services
Service Delivery Modernization Project
Asks for Input

Dufferin County Community Services (DCCS) is modernizing with a Service Delivery Modernization (SDM) project. This project will address services to enhance customer service experiences specific to the delivery of Ontario Works, Housing and Children's Services programs.  
DCCS staff have started the process of engaging clients and community stakeholders through asurvey designed to obtain input into the first stage of the project "First Point of Contact". As community agencies, you have an important voice in this process and your participation is valued and much appreciated. If the services that DCCS offers impacts you or your clients, please complete our survey by June 9:

  Habitat for Humanity in Dufferin

Habitat for Humanity Wellington Dufferin Guelph envisions a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to call home. But how do we get there?

We start with our community
As we continue to plan for a large-scale build in Dufferin , we look to our community for support. At Habitat for Humanity, support comes in many forms.
  • Shop at the Orangeville ReStore, or donate your gently-used furniture, appliances and more. Learn more here.
  •  Volunteer with us! Our volunteers are the core of our organization. Our goal is to deliver the Ultimate Volunteer Experience by offering a worthwhile, meaningful, and rewarding opportunity. Learn more about our opportunities here.
  • #PartyHardforHabitat: This September, we're hosting our first ever Ultimate Habitat House Party in Dufferin! Find out more about tickets, sponsorships and more by emailing brenda@habitatwdg.ca
Building a whole village is not an easy task, but with your support and engagement, we will continue to build more. With every brick we lay, we know we are building homes and building the future of community - our community.

  Aboriginal Day Gatherings
  Click here  find out more and to purchase tickets.

Poverty Reduction
  New Rural Immigrant Entrepreneurial Guide available  
The REAPontario (Rural Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity) project concluded at the end of March 2017. This 3+ year project was very interesting and the first of its kind funded outside of an academic research institution.
As part of the project, a Rural Immigrant Entrepreneurial Guide was developed. Also, an interesting series of infographics was developed sharing the stories from the case studies which were conducted as part of the research.
For the foreseeable future, Workforce Planning Board Waterloo Wellington Dufferin (WPBWWD) will maintain the REAPontario website to ensure that the valuable information gathered and available on it will remain accessible to interested stakeholders and other researchers.

You spoke. We heard. We'll deliver!
Many of you have indicated an interest in, and a need for, information and resources on Board Governance, including such things as:
  • Governance Models: What's Right for Your Board
  • Recruiting Board members - how effective is our current recruitment method in getting excellent board members, and what are the skills, experience and expertise we need at the Board table?
  • Meeting rules and procedures and building the team
  • Group dynamics: forming, storming, norming and performing
  • Board and Staff - duties and roles
These are just some of the topics that Volunteer Dufferin is working on to provide you with tools and resources to build your winning team.
When will they be available?
They'll be online when we launch our redesigned website this Fall. But you won't have to wait that long, because many of these resources will be shared with you via What's on the "MOVES". Stay tuned! And if you have a particular area of concern that you'd like to see addressed, just let me know. Contact me at kaarinadillabough@live.com

TeleCheck-Dufferin Volunteers Needed
TeleCheck-Dufferin is seeking volunteers to help support (Adults 55+, Seniors & Caregivers) with a friendly daily telephone. If you know someone who wants to share their experience and skills e.g. an active retiree or, a person (18 yrs+) who want to build skills, with work reference.
TeleCheck offers excellent training focused on active listening, seniors issues, mental health/suicide prevention, dementia/caregiver support, grief and bereavement, emergency response and knowledge of community resources.
Upcoming June TRAINING
For more information or to register, just call
Join our TeleCheck Teams!
You can find out more about these volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Dufferin.

Volunteer Mississauga Brampton Caledon
Learning Centre Resources

South of Dufferin County, Volunteer MBC offers its members - and non-members - a variety of resources through their Learning Centre Courses such as Board governance and Volunteer management are available as webinars.