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DC MOVES - Priority Pillars

It is September and time to shift gears. Over the summer, DC MOVES has continued to work on each priority pillar - Community Wellbeing, Poverty Reduction and Resource Sharing. Work has also progressed on the required supports - website upgrades, logo redesign and Leadership Table development.
We continue to focus on:
  • Developing a "Made-in-Dufferin" initiative to be used to uncover opportunities to identify and develop innovative and/or collaborative solutions to local issues
  • Supporting opportunities for local service providers to collaborate and address service gaps, as well as to work collectively and develop professionally.
  • Working with a collaborative and collective impact mindset, to investigate strategies, create a sense of agency cohesiveness and ultimately enhance access to services in our community.
Please register for the next DC MOVES Forum and find out more first hand. Registration is now OPEN.

Community Wellbeing
HCIA AGM - It's all about community!
The HCIA AGM is not only a celebration of partners and projects, we also serve up local delicacies with a dash of fun and inspiration. This year is no different! Please join us for the Volunteer Dufferin web site re-launch as it becomes a supported project of HCIA. It will have a fresh mobile-friendly look and now include free postings and fresh features. It's all about the community and we're providing the environment to bring leadership, champions, volunteers and opportunities together. Join us!
When : Thursday October 12, 2017 from 5 to 7pm
Where:  Monora Park Pavilion, 500 Monora Park Drive, Mono, ON L9W 0E1
Cost: Free
To register, click HERE

  Family Transition Place Fall Workshops
Family Transition Place offers workshops for women, children and men. The Fall Workshop schedule is now available. Please click here to access full workshop schedule and group specific details.

Resource Sharing
Call for Nominations:
Rural Ontario Leaders Awards
The Province will be celebrating rural leaders through the new  Rural Ontario Leader AwardsThe awards will recognize those who are helping to improve the quality of life and economic development in rural Ontario, including rural residents, communities, regions, and businesses. Nominations are being accepted until October 11, 2017.
Note: ROLA application form link is being repaired

Source: OMSSA Newsletter - August 24, 2017
The Secret is Out
In 2018, your postings on   www.volunteerdufferin.ca will be FREE.
That's right. FREE! You will no longer pay a fee to post your volunteer opportunities on the website, and we'll be adding lots of FREE resources as well as continuing our expanded marketing on social media.
You will expand your organization's reach at no cost to you, and we're looking forward to many more organizations joining the fold. And you will not only have your postings listed on the All Opportunities page, but your organization will have its own page that will have all of your listings in one place...with no additional work for you. The process will be automatic. If your organization is not yet part of Volunteer Dufferin, you will definitely want to sign up!
Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 12TH for the official launch as part of the HCIA AGM at Monora Park Pavilion from 5 - 7 p.m. There will be food, fun and fellowship, and a few additional surprises. We hope to see each and every one of you there as we launch the new site at HCIA's AGM.
To register for the event, click HERE.  

Poverty Reduction