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Why Relationships Matter?
Pete Gleason at CT Breakfast
In this video from a few years ago, I show an inside look at one of my networking groups.  Feel free to fast forward to 3:30, where I talk with Pete Gleason about why industry friendships are so valuable.
The West Coast Event You Won't Want to Miss!
Bobby Lehew Talks About His SAAC Show Education Session
Bobby Lehew
(Bobby has an awesome Brand photo)
People Will Be Coming to
Long Beach from Everywhere!
Charles Duggan  
You Probably Haven't Seen What's in These Short Videos
5 in 5 ASI LB 2013
5 Sales Generating Ideas from: Southern Plus, Century Manufacturing, Fey Line, Keyscaper and US Blanks

5 in 5 ASI LB 2013
5 Business Building Ideas from:

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We would like to thank the companies who have been supporting FreePromoTips on an ongoing basis. Without them our program would not be possible. 

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What's the Point...Really??

Question Mark Cartoon People

I am creating a communication brand of sorts with the concept of using the term: ...Really?? (3 periods, 2 question marks). 
It started with an article I dubbed
...Really??. In this article, I shared the frustrations I've had dealing with suppliers as a flurry of business opportunities came my way.      

This was one of the most opened FreePromoTips.com e-newsletters we have had since we started our popular industry resource program back in 2005.
Based on the feedback we received, clearly the article hit an industry nerve. This conversation on effective business communication will be continued with input from suppliers and multi-line reps. Three great companies will be contributing to the supplier side of the story; Warwick, Southern Plus and EvansUnderstanding how we can best work together will benefit everyone.  

Communication skills are critical in our personal and professional lives. To further address this topic, award-winning Toastmaster, Maurice DiMino, the Sicilian Mentor will be presenting a free SuccessTracks Learning Experience on Communicating Your Message, Wednesday April 24th at 10:00 AM PST. More information and the registration can be found here.

Good business is "Really" about good relationships and effective communication. These elements come together perfectly through the involvement in our Regional Associations. Some of you might think, what's the point of being involved with a Regional Association...Really?? I'm busy, why do I need to leave my office for these Association events? How does this benefit ME? That's a good question and we will touch on the answer. 
While talking with my friend Rhonda Blum, who is very active in SAAGNY, (Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York) the counterpart to my own Regional Association SAAC, here in California, she mentioned Peter Farman's story. In compiling content on this topic, I really couldn't add anything to what he shared, so we invite you to read his article, When the Time is Right.  

Whether you want to connect with your colleagues or not is your choice of course. I would however encourage you to consider the personal and professional benefits to being involved with your Regional Association. In these challenging times, the industry connections we have give us a competitive advantage.

Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS

Mama Mia...You Won't Want to Miss This!
FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences
Maurice DiMino 
Our NEXT SuccessTracks Session:
Communicating Your Message  
Presented by:
Award-Winning Toastmaster, Maurice DiMino  
The Sicilian Mentor 


In this exclusive FreePromoTips Learning Experience, Maurice will share the three questions every business person needs to ask before they do anything. Come away with information that will immediately benefit your business.
Wednesday, April 24th, 10:00 AM PST 
Space for this live session is limited! Register now and log on early. Everyone who attends will receive Free samples of Evans cookware...the only cookware Grandma DIMino uses.  
And Italian Mamas are serious about their cookware!
SuccessTracks are brought to you by:

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He's NEVER Been to the SAAC Show! 
Bobby Lehew Skype Interview
Jeff Solomon
 interviews Bobby Lehew, who has never been to
Long Beach, CA or the SAAC Show. They talked about SAAC Education Sessions, ADD, In and Out Burger and losing the tie. 

SAAC Show Early Registration 2013
More Information and the Link  
to Register Can Be Found Here
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 A SAAGNY Story: The Time is Right
by Peter Farman 
Peter Farman  

Two years ago a friend and fellow board member asked me to write "my SAAGNY story". Like too many things in life I procrastinated doing this. 

I could give you many reasons why I did and most of them are valid. I have always found it interesting in life when different worlds collide. I have typically kept my work life separate from my private life. I have not done this for any particular reason, I just have.
Help the SAAGNY Foundation
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SAAGNY Casino Night 2013