The Custom House Maritime Museum is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers. But, with school starting soon, we're looking for help.

 Above from left: This is Friday's crew: Aaron, Leah, Linda. & Bill.
Aaron goes back to high school next week; he'll be volunteering just on weekends in the fall. Leah's last day was today -- she's leaving for college (good luck, Leah!). Linda is our volunteer coordinator; today she's filling in for Jerry, who was out sick. Bill is our amazing head docent; he's here every day but leaves at 3 (we're open 1 to 5).

So that gives you some idea of Linda's dilemma: as volunteer coordorinator she's got to be sure we have at least two people at the front desk
whenever we're open -- to manage visitors, answer the phone, staff the shop, and give tours!

Would you like to volunteer at the Custom House Maritime Museum?  
If so, shoot Linda a message and she'll get you into the schedule. 
Here's her address: 

Above top right:
On Wednesday Chloe orgainzed the collections room. Here, she's holding illegal contraband intercepted by U.S. Customs: a Beanie Baby cat (the crime: copyright infringement). Chloe, too, is going back to school. But she has taken on a mural project at the Custom House and will be in weekends.

August is ending. Have you been out for a lighthouse tour? 
Take the original, award-winning New London Lighthouse tour - New London Maritime Society's fun & fascinating, 90-minute Find your lighthouse! cruise.
It runs  Wednesdays & Saturdays, from 11:30 AM to 1 PM. 

New London Maritime Society has been giving lighthouse tours since 2011. We support our maritime community: NLMS employs local captains & boats. We receive no government subsidies. All boat tour profits go to local lighthouse preservation: 50% of your ticket price is tax-deductible!

The Custom House Maritime Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 1 to 5 PM. 
What's Up at the Custom House - August 28, 2016
New London Maritime Society - nicely nautical & totally Thames
if it's Sunday, August 28, it's 
with FREE performances at 4 and 6:30 PM

Make a full family afternoon of it in downtown New London today.    
Serenity and Bill Forchion, below, will be back!  
Come down to the Parade, when the City of New London with New London Maritime Society present the renowned 
Nimble Arts Summer Circus 

Back for the 7th year, this small circus troupe has become an annual New London summer happening. Smart, funny, sophisticated, Nimble Arts will surprise you with their internationally award-winning circus arts: trapeze, juggling, comedy, acrobatics. Prepare to be amazed!  
& a little earlier this afternoon 
attend a Juggling Workshop taught by circus artists
Sunday, August 28, 2 at PM
Meet Tony at Parade Plaza today at 2 PM.

The learn-to-juggle workshop takes place
Sunday, August 28, just prior to the first circus performance, from
2-3 PM, for a fee of only $15, all materials provided. 
Questions? call 203-444-2884. You may sign up on the spot!

Everybody loves Nimble Arts Summer Circus.
Why not make a day of it?  
Start by learning to juggle with real circus clowns at 2,  
take timeout at 3 for an ice cream cone,  
walk over to Parade Plaza to watch Nimble Arts Circus perform at 4, 
then stay downtown for dinner!  
If you're like me, you'll be back again at 6:30 to catch the 2nd show.  
It's a great day in New London.

Meet us at the Amistad Pier this Monday 
New London Welcomes Amistad   
Monday, August 29, at 2 PM  

We invite you to join us in giving the Amistad a warm New London welcome at Amistad Pier. A reception will follow at the Custom House Maritime Museum, 150 Bank Street in New London.   

what :   the City of New London w elcomes Connecticut's flagship, the schooner Amistad and Discovering Amistad 
who:     New London Mayor Michael Passero; Discovering Amistad Board Chair Len Miller; Superintendent of Schools Dr. Manuel Rivera, Executive Director of the New London Maritime Society Susan Tamulevich; poet Kate Rushin,  and the African drumming ensemble from the Arts Magnet Middle School: students along with their music teachers Leah Stillman, Matt DeSorbo, and  Lisa Conant,  with the Director of the school Kate Fioravanti, among others.
why:      this is the first event for the ship since it has been refurbished by its new owners, the nonprofit, educational organization Discovering Amistad. This also is the initial event of Connecticut Freedom Trail Month.

when:    Monday, August 29, 2 PM
where:   Amistad Pier, Waterfront Park,  New London, CT 06320

Discovering Amistad contact: Barbara Bind,   
Director of Operations & Marketing Communications  

This event is presented by the City of New London and New London Maritime Society.  
The Amistad plays a pivotal role in history in the state of Connecticut, nationwide and internationally. In 1839, the original schooner La Amistad sailed from Havana carrying 52 enslaved Africans, including four children. On board, the captives staged a successful revolt, took over the ship, and then sailed up the U.S. coast. In late August, La Amistad was intercepted by the American Navy and brought into New London, where the Africans caught the attention of local abolitionists. Faced with slavery or execution, the Africans' cause was taken up by many residents throughout Connecticut.  U.S. and district courts ruled in favor of the Africans. The case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and in 1841, that court agreed with the lower court decisions and the Africans were ordered freed and returned to Sierra Leone, their homeland. 
Monday's event, which is open to the public, marks the start of Connecticut Freedom Trail Month and the 175 Anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case.  

Custom House Maritime Matters Public Access TV
Tune in on Thursdays at 5 PM, channel 25 
Atlantic Broadband Community Access television for a lively discussion of what's happening on the New London waterfront.
This week we will discuss the Amistad and Connecticut Freedom Trail Month.

Left: the Amistad Memorial in front of New Haven's City Hall. 

Next week, September 8: Spark Makerspace

Escape on a Sunset or Full-moon lighthouse tour
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
- September 15,16, & 17
Last-minute registrations call 203-444-2884.

New London Maritime Society has been giving Sunset and Full-moon tours since 2013. We support our maritime community: NLMS employs local captains & boats. We receive no government subsidies.
All tour profits go to local lighthouse preservation: we own three!

 And 50% of your ticket price is tax-deductible. 
Our submarine exhibition opens August 31. 
Submarine Memorabilia from the Collection of Ed Uditus: 1940s through 1990s, with additional items from Axel Westerberg and the New London Maritime Society Collection. 

At the next Jibboom Club GAM, Tuesday, September 20 at 1 PM, 
Ed Uditis will speak about his deep-sea diving experiences and his work as a member of the Historical Diving Society. Ed also will give a personal tour of his collection, now on view at the Custom House. 
An Island Cabin -- a boat tour out of Noank,
with Stephen Jones
September 10, Saturday, 11 AM to 12 NOON
This special boat tour, led by Stephen Jones
is presented in partnership with the Noank Historical Society. Tour the Islands off Noank, where author Arthur Henry penned his 1902 book, An Island Cabin, in which five disparate friends from the Big City occupy a simple summer cabin--and things devolve from there.  Sign up at
Above right, our July Island Cabin tour.   Wat ch the video
Limited to 20 passengers, we tour aboard the Popeye, which leaves out of Noank for this special excursion. $35.

Copies of An Island Cabin are available for $10 at the Custom House and Noank Historical Society, and also can be mailed for an additional $6 postage. Call 860-447-2501.

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union is giving away $100,000 over the next 93 days. Working with Charter Oak, your donation to the Maritime Society can be doubled! 
Clink HERE to make a donation.
Please print & fill out the top portion of the form and then mail it with your donation to us:
New London Maritime Society
150 Bank Street
New London, CT 06320.  

Thank you to our first donors!  --New London Maritime Society
KEEP UP WITH WHAT'S UP - click on the links below to keep connected  
Discovering Amistad is on Facebook, too! 'Like' it to learn all about the ship, its mission, special events, and the educational programs.

This fall, New London's 300 third graders, through the New London Maritime Society's year-long local history program, will be the initial group to receive Discovering Amistad's new education program. The program will be provided by Discovering Amistad free of charge and will take place in late September or early October. With luck, if the boat passes USCG inspection, the program will include taking a 3-hour sail!
NLMS's local history program, under the direction of Jody Barthel, also is provided to NL Public Schools free of charge and is supported by grants from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut, The Anthony & Elizabeth Enders Fund, the Bodenwein Foundation, and the Morgan McGinley Family Fund. Above, a timeline for the Amistad Africans 175 years ago ( just prior to their return to Africa), from the NLMS exhibition.

The third grade social studies program created by the New London Maritime Society matches perfectly with the Connecticut social studies frameworks.  The frameworks suggest that third graders should be deeply engaged in the study of their own community; this is exactly what this program does.   In addition, the frameworks completely support the field trips involved in the New London program.  The work done by the New London Maritime Society with students should be commended. 
  --Stephen Armstrong, Social Studies Consultant, Connecticut Department of Education 
Custom House Maritime Museum is on Facebook. 'Like' us to keep up with our events as well as news about museums, worldwide, and issues related to our mission of preservation & conservation.  
Facebook New London Harbor Light   reports the latest on NL Harbor 'Pequot' Light and about American lighthouse preservation activities. W e thank the Chester Kitchings Family Foundation for their generous pledge of multi-year support to our efforts at Harbor Light!
We wish we could offer tours to Harbor Lighthouse and continue working towards that end.
Facebook Race Rock Lighthouse posts news concerning Race Rock Light and international lighthouse tourism & preservation efforts.

Facebook page Lighthouse Inn, New London keeps up with developments at that City landmark. We also post events of local interest.

Go to facebook  Long Island Sound Lighthouses Gateway, our newest page, to learn more about lighthouse happenings in the region, including the several Connecticut lights now up for sale.

Facebook page Sentinels on the Sound presents our Summer 2016 events program along with other NL summer activities. This is where we post all notices of current activities.

Facebook Custom House MUSEUM SHOP  to see what's new. The MUSEUM SHOP is open Wednesday through Sunday, between 1 and 5 PM, or by appointment. You don't need a museum ticket to get in.  
Over the month of September, we're having a
super sale in the MUSEUM SHOP to make way
for new inventory! September 1 through 15, take an extra 20% off all purchases (members add 10% for a 30% total discount). September 16 through 30, take 30% off all purchases (members receive 40% discount). Right: kite!

Below: New London's Custom House Maritime Museum.

Have a sparkling day!

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