We could have universal health care. 
Stop the cruel bills!

The U.S. Senate voted to debate and vote on the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over the next few days.
Although the Senate has not even decided what will be in the bill, every feature will harm people who need health care and make health care more complicated and more expensive.
We stand in solidarity with legions of health care advocates who urge you to call your senators and representatives, and urge them to oppose all of the repeal and replace legislation.
Steamboat Rally#9 7.7.17
A protester rallies July 7 in Steamboat Springs.
Colorado Senators:
Sen. Cory Gardner  (scroll down)
Colorado Representatives:
Look up your representative by your zip code at https://www.house.gov
(Go to your rep's own web page for district office phone numbers.)

What will the voting accomplish?
The Senate voted against the misleadingly named Better Care Reconciliation Act, (the Senate version of "repeal and replace"), but will be considering a simpler bill (a "skinny" bill) that repeals some of the ACA.
If that passes, there will be a House and Senate conference committee that writes a combination of the Senate and House bills in secret. After it is written, it will go to the House and Senate for approval without amendments.
This whole debate is immoral.
We should not be debating how many people will go without health care when we could spend less money and cover everyone.
We work for universal health care because we understand that for America to be her best, we need systems that make "We the People" stronger.
Our government, as envisioned by the Founding fathers, is supposed to protect the public good and every American's chance to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.
Steamboat Rally_6 7.7.17
Women rally for representation 
 July 7 in Steamboat Springs.
Call your Congressional representatives. Tell them to stop this immoral debate. 

Tell them Congress has a duty to protect the lives of the American people by holding the line on improvements to the ACA and moving toward universal health care.

Thank you!


Sara Wright, Director of Communications
Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care

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