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Motorola M800 bag phone
Motorola M800 Bag Phone

The Motorola M800 Bag Phone is a powerful communications tool for people who need to stay connected even in the most remote locations.

This powerful unit is a fully integrated carry-case solution featuring a built-in, durable hands-free M800 mobile phone for dedicated and convenient communication - wherever you are, whenever you need!


  • Internal and external antenna for improved network coverage in rural locations
  • Superior audio quality for clear, sharp sound in nosy environments with background noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Well-spaced, illuminated keypad for easy and accurate dialing
  • Enlarged font size (8mm) for easier reading
  • Voice activated name and number dialing via spoken commands
  • Multiple power resources: Includes AC wall charger, DC car adaptor and backup battery for use in all environments
  • External handset for private mode operation
  • Battery performance
    • Hands-free mode: 105 min
    • Handset mode: 13 hrs
    • Standby time: 30 hrs
  • Data transmission: Send emails, faxes and files using Motorola MPT (Mobile Phone Tools´┐Ż)
  • AGPS: FCC E911 Phase 2, Emergency based location service
The M800 Bag Phone is designed for workers in the oil, gas, agriculture, forestry and construction industries for reliable communication.
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Think you know what it's worth? Think again.

Retailing at upwards of $400.00/ea for Verizon - make us an offer!

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