Angel Harvey Family Health Center Staff Are Giving Back

Commitment to Service
The providers and staff at the Angel Harvey Family Health Center seize daily opportunities to provide the very best healthcare to our community. Evidence of staff members' commitment to our mission can be seen through the smiles on patient's faces, the health and wellness goals that patients attain, and through the amount of work many staff willingly give of their own time. 

Holly Kwawsa
By day, Holly is an IWS therapist for the Child and Adolescent Counseling Services (CACS) department; on her own time, Holly is a dedicated Associate Board member. 

Holly joined our Associate Board  because she wanted to 
be involved in the IWS mission",
to help IWS 
become a leader in Chicago", 
and to
ee a bigger picture of the Angel Harvey Family Health Center mission and have a voice in that part of the process."

Holly also notes that: "my work is often challenging but always very fulfilling. I am excited to be a part of the Associate Board, go to meetings and meet with other young professionals who support our mission and our families. Being a member of the Associate Board allows me to volunteer and give back, while at the same time providing me the opportunity to advocate for the needs of our families on a much broader scale."
For more information about our Associate Board and how to join, please visit

Pedro Robledo
Pedro is a supervisor in the billing department. This year, he participated in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team IWS. If you were at the marathon, you may have seen Pedro at a table next to the Mexican Consulate. Before running, he handed out newsletters, patient information cards, and buttons to promote the hard work and dedication to family healthcare of the Angel Harvey Family Health Center. 

When asked, Pedro said the opportunity to participate this year was an amazing challenge and wonderful experience. He has said that he is honored to support the mission of IWS and looks forward to running again. 

A Special Message from Pedro: 
"Special appreciation to the IWS team for the encouragement and support, I  couldn't have done it without all of you. I am blessed to have family and friends who gave me unlimited support, cheers, and energy to finish my first Bank of America Marathon. I ran 26.2 miles for kids. Kids are our future, therefore I ran on behalf of a single child to have an opportunity to Love, Live, Laugh, and Learn".

It is never too late to support Team IWS. You can make a contribution by vising IWS online, or, contact our Associate Board for more information.

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The Angel Harvey Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago promotes early literacy by participating in the national Reach Out and Read (ROR) Program. Many of our staff appreciate our participation and help to support ROR on their own time.

Optometry Assistant Elisse Villagomez has created her own Reach Out and Read campaign in honor of her daughter, Danely, for her birthday. 

Elisse explains that since Danely was five years old, she has wanted to help other children for her birthday. Not sure if Danely fully understood the request, Elisse asked Danely to wait year after year: 

"I did not know where [she got the idea] or why she wanted this for her birthday, but I decided that at her age I did not want her to regret or feel sad later [when] she didn't receive anything."

Now, at age ten, Danely has made the request again and Elisse has agreed. 

"This year [Danely] brought it up again so I decided that she's old enough to know what she wants.  An education is important and I LOVE that the Angel Harvey Family Health Center has a program that encourages children and families to read together. I have several patients who have asked for books and have found a new love for reading [through the IWS literacy program]."

Elisse is proud of the decision her daughter has made to encourage more children to read. 

"The process has been exciting for both of us. We have a goal she'd like to reach but I know that she will be happy with any amount [we raise for the program], especially knowing that it will benefit children in her community."

To wish Danely a Happy Birthday through the Reach Out and Read program, please visit our ROR web page.

Elisse, Danely and Elisse's Husband

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