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October 23, 2010 Tenth Amendment Center

The so-called progressives and statists are on the attack again. They don't like that our movement to say NO to unconstitutional "laws" and regulations is gaining steam, either. They lie, they make personal attacks, and they distort history. This time? The liberty-haters over at the Soros-backed Media Matters. Who are they after? Well, to name a few - Martha Dean, running for AG in Connecticut, and Tom Woods, author of Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

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FEATURED: When Zombies Attack
SALE: The Original Constitution
Don't Trust the Task Force
Clean Money
The Civil War Decided What?
The commissars are out in force against me these days. And Alan Pyke from Media Matters shows us why he's earned the "Dumbest Guy in the World" award for today...

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Don't Trust the Task Force
by Connor Boyack, Utah Tenth Amendment Center

If the Tenth Amendment Task Force is to be perceived as legitimate and worthy of our collective support, its members-and especially its founder-must demonstrate that they have changed. Further still, the fact that all of its members are Republican signifies that not until the GOP is in control of Congress and the executive branch will such a demonstration be sincere; it's easy to be the "party of no" when the other party is calling the shots. Rep. Bishop and his Republican colleagues who have been around for a while have far worse voting records when their own party was in control... (read more here)


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Clean Money
by Paul Warren, Colorado Tenth Amendment Center
The United States Constitution declares, in Article I, Section 10: "No State shall... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." State-Level Constitutional Tender laws seek to nullify federal legal tender laws in the state by authorizing payment in gold and silver or a paper note backed 100% by gold or silver.. (read more here)

The Civil War Decided What?
by Mike Maharrey, Kentucky TAC
The Civil War did not change the Constitution. The fact that the federal armies won the war did nothing to alter its meaning. Logic bears this out. If the mere act of winning the war functionally changed the meaning of the Constitution, then why was it necessary to pass the 13th Amendment in order to abolish slavery? (read more here)

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