February 2018 Newsletter 
Inspired by Fabric

I really enjoyed working on my latest quilt.  It all started when I purchased a beautiful Pat Pauly fabric, shown at left

I used the fabric as the inspiration for the entire quilt.  First the colors, then the composition and quilting, and finally the primary motif. It was a fun way to create and I'm very happy with the results.

Here's the completed quilt, Initial Response. 
Can you see how the starting fabric inspired everything?  Lucky me: I only used half of it, so I'll be able to make another one (or two.)

I wrote quite a bit about my process on my blog, from January 14, 2018 forward. I can't wait to try this creative process again!

Beading with Glue

Do you like to use beads on your quilts?  I do occasionally, and in those cases I almost always glue them on.  Much easier than sewing!  And, yes, they stay put.

I've just written a tutorial about how I do it. Maybe you'd like to give it a try.

And, I have MANY more helpful articles in the Learn with Ellen section of my website.
Adventures in Color eBook
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Want to learn how to use the power of color?  This eBook will teach you how  to enhance your quilts and achieve amazing results! 

Workbook exercises are included, requiring only paper and glue.   As you work through these you'll learn the answers to these questions and many more:
  • Where can I get inspiration for color combinations?
  • How do you work a color wheel?  Why is it useful?
  • What goes with my favorite color?
  • Why don't all these blues go together?
  • What is a neutral, and how do I choose one?
Although your completed workbook will serve as a useful resource, its real value comes from the knowledge you'll gain as you compile it.

What's New

I recently attended a fabulous dye day with my art quilt buddies.  We used both regular colored dyes and indigo.  Since we were faithfully stirring our "brew" there were some witching jokes and I ended up wearing an appropriate hat!

You can see my EXTENSIVE shibori prep on my blog and some in-process photos.  It was great fun and I'll have result photos for you soon. Can't wait!

New blog posts:

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Enjoy the adventure!
Ellen Lindner
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