Where Do You Want to Take Your Life and Business?

Accomplishing goals are a key part of life's journey.
Growing up, we went through various education stages graduating at different levels. Each of these levels is celebrated with a ceremony of some type. And we all have achieved personal goals. In business, we have professional goals. It's important to acknowledge them as well. 

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This is a great picture of Ron Davis, the President of the award-winning Indiana Metal Craft. We share about Ron's contribution to our BEAST CHARITY RUN in this issues Where Do You Want to Take Your Business article. Suffice it to say, Ron at age 71 is an inspiration to me.

After approaching several medal suppliers and getting blown off and one extremely harsh NO. It was nice that Ron caught the vision and helped support this cause.

I've since learned that IMC is a pretty amazing company. Learn more in this video.
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Time to Start Planning for Summer
5 Ev ent Marketing Tips  for Summer Promotions
Spring is here, and that means it's time to start planning summer pro motions with your clients! What better way to get your client's brand some extra exposure than by having a presence at an event? 

There are lots of outdoor festivals and fairs that take place in the spring and summer months, and they provide a plethora of opportunities for brand exposure and engagement. Now is the time to start your event marketing research, and turn your client's brand into an experience. 

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