WaterRemarks by Watermark Consulting

Volume 9 | Issue 3 | July 2017

Executive Time Allocation
Where Execs Should Spend More Time
Just a few steps away from most executive offices lies a treasure trove of business improvement insight -- yet business leaders rarely explore this magical place.   Read more >>

Customer Experience ROI

The 2017 Customer Experience ROI Study

We've just released the latest iteration of Watermark's widely cited Customer Experience ROI Study.  This year we focused on the airline sector, and what we discovered will be of interest to executives in any industry.  Read more >>


Driving customer experience improvement


Watermark Founder Jon Picoult was recently interviewed by the International Car Wash Association (yes, there is one!) about the benefits -- and limits -- of using technology to create a better customer experience.  Read more >>

You May Have Missed...
Noteworthy items from past newsletters:
Why Revenue Growth Is A Poor Measure Of Customer Experience ROI.   With Watermark's latest CX ROI Study released (see above), it's a good time to revisit this piece which highlights the shortcomings of another common measure of CX ROI.   Read more >>
Behind Chipotle's Woes.   Chipotle is back in the news again, for all the wrong reasons (foodborne illness).  That reminded us of this 2016 article where we explained why it's not just the food that's making people sick at their restaurants.   Read more >>
WaterRemarks March 2017.  Did you miss the last issue of WaterRemarks?  No worries, catch up here.  Read more >> 
By The Numbers
The percent of people who say they would pay more for a better customer experience.

Source:  "The Disconnected Customer" | CapGemini | 2017


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