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The topic of trade shows is an ongoing discussion. There are varying thoughts about where they are going. Some feel they are dying, others are pondering their effectiveness. The comment that their being too many trade shows always comes up.

I've made it clear that I love trade shows. I believe relationships are a key part of building a successful business. This applies to both suppliers and distributors.

In this issue we offer part two of commentary on trade shows. Part one featured our coverage of the Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) Show. I you missed that it's included in our last e-newsletter. That issue includes video reporting from the show and short videos of products you probably haven't seen.  
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To the left are winners of our Cat Contest. I've noted that I am really a dog person, but confess that we did recently get a cat to deal with a rodent problem. Much to my surprise, Spartacus has actually been doing his job so I am actually starting to like cats. Amazing!

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Where are Trade Shows Going? 

In our first article on What's Happening with Trade Shows, we covered the SAAC Show in Long Beach, which is a strong Regional Association event. 

This article was posted online and there were a couple of anonymous comments bemoaned that the article featured links to product videos. These were interesting items we found at the show.

Strange as it may seem to these posters, one of the primary goals of a trade show is to see new products. I personally heard from a few people who loved this piece. They appreciated seeing some of these items that they weren't aware of. Last I checked we are in the promotional PRODUCTS business.

Where are trade shows going? 

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Connecting-Not a New Concept
By Rebecca Kollmann, MAS+  
Director of Business Development - AIA 

We've all seen ways to buy and sell-from brick-and-mortar to online shopping; from receiving letters to being deluged with email. 

The handwritten card seems to be the new way to cut through the clutter that we created by trying to reach buyers on their terms. The irony is that the everyday interpersonal medium from our pre-1990s world is becoming a little more exciting simply due to its rarity.

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