Entrepreneurial Communities Update
January 2018    
Energizing Entrepreneurship Across America
At last we are seeing economic recovery following the Great Recession. However, for much of rural America, recovery is too often hard to find. At the Center, we continue to see entrepreneurship as a method for fostering economic recovery and greater community prosperity. The map below highlights our entrepreneurship work across the country. The dark gray regions represent places where we are partnering currently with regional development organizations to grow stronger communities through entrepreneur-led development and to do assessment and evaluation to help determine strategies for the future. The green regions include places we have learned from and worked with over the 20-year history of the Center.  
Here are highlights of current work using our Entrepreneurial Communities (e2) framework and process:
Energizing Entrepreneurs in Central Appalachia. With funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission's POWER initiative, the Center is partnering with Rural Action in Ohio, the   West Virginia Hub and the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky on a multi-community e2 initiative.
Southern Minnesota REV Project. The Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation has launched a multi-year e2 project, Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV). REV features partnerships with the University of Minnesota Extension, Region Nine Development Commission and has received financial support from the Blandin Foundation.
Partnership with the North Carolina Rural Center. The Center has collaborated with the   North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center for decades. We are now entering the third generation of our work in communities throughout rural North Carolina, Deb Markley's home base.
NetWork Kansas. We have worked with   NetWork Kansas since before there was a NetWork Kansas. Currently we are working closely with them on both strategic initiatives and on their "best in class" E-Communities Partnership. We are completing Development Opportunity Profiles for NetWork Kansas E-Communities across the state, including Wichita.
University of Nebraska Extension. The Center is entering its second year of a strategic partnership with the   University of Nebraska Extension and its Community Vitality Initiative (CVI), working with rural communities across Don Macke's home state of Nebraska.
Mississippi Development Authority. Once again, the Center is working with Chris Reed on a project for the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). Through this project, we are developing curriculum for MDA, its employees and others working in Mississippi to support entrepreneurial development.
San Luis Valley Colorado. Over the years, the Center has worked in Colorado's dramatic San Luis Valley region. We are currently partnering with the office of the President of Adams State University on an e2 initiative.
Klamath and Lake Counties Oregon. There are some dedicated visionaries in Klamath and Lake Counties in Oregon. The Center is partnering with the   Klamath Community College Small Business Development Center on an e2 initiative in this corner of rural Oregon.
Throughout our history, we've tried to capture our learning from time to time to share with a larger audience.   Download our first e2 book, Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities. For info on our second e2 book, Energizing Entrepreneurial Communities: A Pathway to Prosperity, click HERE.
In 2017,  Virginia Community Capital (VCC) strategically acquired the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE) and together created a new social enterprise - LOCUS Impact Investing. News and insights from our community philanthropy work, including Transfer of Wealth and other philanthropic analytics, will be shared via the LOCUS newsletter beginning next month. Register for that newsletter HERE. We will continue to send out Center e2 news in this newsletter. Don Macke and Deb Markley are working on both fronts and would love to hear from you. 
Other News
2018 Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit
Focuses on deep level engagement with the professional practitioners to continue to strengthen the field of entrepreneurship led development and entrepreneurship ecosystem building across the nation. For more information and to register, click here.
Spring Economic Gardening Professional Certification Training
Applications for professional certification training are now open, apply here.
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