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Closing Corners
September 2017
Book Spotlight

Highway Centerlines
Book 14

This book is unique in that there is no other like it available.

This book contains 200+ pages of never before published information detailing how to retrace a highway, road, easement or other controlling centerline. 

This book includes a new analysis method titled "Crume's Transformation" that was developed by the author based upon 25+ years of experience of performing highway centerline retracements. 

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A suggested study guide can be found here.
eBook Bundle

An eBook bundle is now available on Amazon.

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App Spotlight
Bearings and Azimuths 2.0


This app has a unique Text Based Artificial Intellegence (TBAI) interface that will calculate Bearings, Azimuths and Angles in their native format of Degrees-Minutes-Seconds. No conversion to Decimal Degrees is needed. Grad (a.k.a. Gon) is also supported.

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 Where's Jim?
Win copies of the unique
Surveying Math Books

Be the first to locate Jim (me) in a panorama. This contest is modeled after the series "Where's Waldo". 

Locate where I am flying the drone from to capture the panorama.

For example: 

Use the Practice Panorama on the website to locate where I am flying the drone from. Pan around, zoom in and out to locate me or my vehicle. On the Practice Panorama, I am at the rear of my vehicle flying the drone. 

Above is my location on the Practice Panorama. See if you can find me. If you look real hard you can see my daughter Becky standing just right of my vehicle near the R/W fence. 

When the contest starts, take a screen capture of my location and email it to me at with your name and address. I might be standing in the open, near a vehicle or building, etc. 

Be the first one to send me the captured image and you will WIN several of the unique Surveying Math books. 

The contest will run from September 16 through October 14, 2017.

Each Saturday between 8:00 am to 10:00 am MST, starting on September 16, 2017, a link to a panorama will be made available on my home page. Click the link and start searching. 

A new panorama will be made available each Saturday with the last one being on October 14, 2017. 

Each panorama will get progressively more difficult. 

Have Fun!!!
Proud sponsors of this contest.

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