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Whew... Trinary Logica Majoris!                10/02/12  

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
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Blissings of Unity and Love! 

Like OMG, that Sha'alura Cosmic Wave hyperspace ripple in conjunction with the final Equinox of 2012 and the all the transformational astrological alignments was quite something!

Ascended Master Lord Menon's message about this was profoundly accurate based on my own experience and that of many others I have been in contact with.

Menon stated:

Energy-forms and thought-forms in your world that are still based in the older binary code will increasingly lose power. Anything of significance in your world which is based in the older binary code, which is still a great deal, will begin to undergo an even more rapid transformation as your planetary energy rushes more quickly towards its further liberation and eschaton.

Things based in "the older binary code" would be anything that operates from a platform of duality. Duality simply put is polarities that are not in balance, often in dissonance and at odds with each other rather than operating in a harmonious state of balance as the two parts of a whole that they are.

We have seen these polarized states going through their balancing act for some time, so that is nothing new. However, since the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave penetrated our planetary core on July 23rd, 2012, this process has been in a highly accelerated and intensified mode.

Since that time, much of what we have been doing just trying to keep up with the intensity of life unfolding has been directly related to this trinary code re-orientation taking place. Everything in manifestation upon our planet is seeking to re-align to our new Planetary Logica.

This is where the awesome power of the Temple of Sha'Lem becomes a major element of our ability to achieve stability and balance. The feedback that people who experienced the Temple of Sha'Lem transmission sent me just kept coming all week!

Many of these people had not been on the live event but had watched the video. The feedback truly supports what the Metatronic Councils of Light had indicated about the this transmission offering assistance long after the original transmission took place if you simply engage it! Like all of the New Earth Pure Consciousness Temple transmissions, it is truly "outside of time-space."

To help complete the hologram for everyone, here are some of the amazing shares that came forth from the Temple of Sha'Lem transmission:

Thank you for this exceptional webinar! Every piece of information, the meditations, the energy art, EVERYTHING was so wonderful. Your description of Sha'Lem as being like "silk" is entirely apropo. It feels this way and it seemed like I was communing with everyone present in a smooth, silken matrix.

A few keys that you brought up are worth mentioning. They're things that struck me because they're things I can work on. For instance: peace is possible while being quite active. Also, understanding the different influences that feelings vs. emotions have on the quantum field. And yet still, that a pure feeling usually precedes an emotion.

These are awesome tools to work with as we embody greater and greater levels of inner peace, which is our responsibility to ourselves and our happiness. Of course, in becoming more peaceful within, we greatly enhance the levels of peace in our world as well.

Karen brought forth such a beautiful message from Gaia. She makes a wonderful conduit for this energy. It touches me very deeply each and every time. Raymond's sacred geometry is spectacular! What a cosmic "translation" of Sha'Lem. His work opens quite a few dimensional doorways through the specific focus he's attuning to. This piece is truly stunning. I always appreciate his very valuable contribution.

All thanks and peace for this transmission, Simeon!! Through the peace of inner stillness, we all discover our interconnectedness in pure LOVE. Many blessings. ~ Christine


This was a love filled event. I love the wisdom you impart in these webinars... it is so deep and relevant, but still grounded. the energy art was just spectacular... and Karen Ani Ra's meditations from Gaia just keep expanding... I am thrilled to be one of the 44 attendees at the Sha Lem temple event! Thanks for all you so generously share with us... I feel the still point today! Namaste ~ Kate L.


So beautiful and powerful!  The moment the video opened the first incredible art piece touched my heart and then Ani'Ra 's sweet tones enfolded the group drawing us together into that intimate space...  This Temple of Sha'Lem offering was so helpful and I hope to share it with one or two whom it may help... My love to you both and for Raymond's incredible artistry. ~  Paula K.


Once more I feel compelled to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your work and dedication.  YOU bring in so much Love with it... that sometimes I'm moved to tears and sometimes to smiles...  Last Sunday, I even went laughing in joy when witnessing the sweetness of the Love's tension between Karen and you at the very beginning of the webinar transmission  ("5,000 milles apart and deeply in love" as you said).  BEAUTIFUL and tender! - two qualities I highly appreciate in Life... Blessings of Grace and Abundance.  I love YOU.  ANU KA.  ~ Amanda bR


Simeon, each of your words is like a touch of Light that imprints and carries and mobilizes the next movement. I felt it particularly pristine , this time.

I KNOW that I am changed and made ready for my work within the earth in a deeper and more love filled way.

Specific images/symbols were triggered for me and a huge sense of power, love peace and global destiny unfolded. Deepest Joy and thanks to you. ~ Sheila.


Again.. most profound...I received so much joy and peace from this transmission...Furthered my understanding of this whole process of the New Earth so deeply.. Thank you both Simeon and Karen and to the Metatronic Councils of Light as well... Blessings of love and light. ~ Sandy L.


Was speechless... I am vibrating with the perfection and intensity of the broadcast which I am extremely grateful for.  Blessings and blissings forevermore!!!... I am so, so, so, very blessed by your work and art. Love and light always. ~ Gertrude L.


Thank you so much dear ONE. This is amazing, and so fundamental... we have been receiving about it...  and believe there be more to come!   We will keep you posted and send mega love bursts to you and your love! ~ John and Be


A very... very powerful webinar on the Temple of Sha'Lem... very intense indeed. My humble thanks for sharing my New Earth Temple of Sha'Lem geometric design (on left and available in hi-res poster size download w/ Temple of Sha'Lem video) and I love how you inserted the design for the Temple of Hu'Ona in there.

I actually got so involved in your information... to the point that I could feel my consciousness expand as you were speaking... Thank you both again for a divine experience and for ALL that you both are. ~ RayMond Tao'Ra


These shares represent the state just about everyone was in as a result of this transmission, then there was an accelerated movement on this planet like Ascended Master Menon had stated there would be.

I know a number of people that had some very interesting and unusual things occurring in their lives this last week. Some of these things were perceived as "good" and others as "bad." Ahhh... but just about everyone I spoke to has said the same thing... that they had to come to see whatever it was from a more neutral position, not good or bad! This might not be so unusual with "bad" things, we tend to try and get to that neutral place anyhoo.

What was unusual was that I found myself, and I witnessed several other people I know, all looking at "good" things with some scrutiny as to what a more balanced position might be within them as well! THAT is Trinary Logica Majoris! In other words, a major movement of the planetary consciousness re-aligning itself with the new trinary encoding in our Planetary Logica.

Resisting the "bad" and clinging to the "good" keeps us stuck in the old binary paradigm. The entire gamut of good and bad is based upon a binary or dualistic perceptual modality. Trinary encoding is what is necessary to step out of this modality. We have worked with this for a long time.

Now, however, we have the support of the trinary encoding in our Planetary Logica. Previously we had to break free from the program that the Planetary Logica was running. Now we are supported by it.

Yet we still have programming telling us to steer clear of the programming in the Planetary Logica, to instead pull in a cosmic program from someplace else "out there."

Ahhhh... it's certainly time to update THAT too! In order to do this, start to notice where this old programing tells you things like... you have to escape this density by going "out there," or that you are not supported here on the manifest plane because you have a different vibration, or any other thought/feeling that tends to divide you from the the manifest plane of our world in some way.

Ascended Master Menon states these thoughts/feelings all come from the old program we adopted to deal with our binary Planetary Logica. We have dealt with it for so long that we are still running the "deal with it" program.

This is sort of like the story of the Elephant that was kept in a small enclosure for many, many years at a zoo. She could only walk so many steps one direction, then she had to turn around and walk back... so back and forth that poor Elephant paced for many years.

Then they remodeled the zoo and gave the Elephant a proper enclosure so she could move around much more freely and in a much larger enclosure. However, the poor Elephant continued to pace back and forth in a small corner of her new enclosure, running her old program. It took the zookeepers in charge of her quite some time to break her out of this old habit.

This story speaks to how our epigenetic and neural circuitry works. Simply stated, it holds patterns for us. This is useful, until the pattern no longer serves us then it becomes a prison. Therefore, look to where the old pattern or program of attempting to avoid the binary encoding of the old Planetary Logica is still operative in your being.

When you spot it or sense it, endeavor to become aware of how this separative pattern of energy can be unified by bringing the two parts or polarities-Earth and "out there" for example-together in the center.

How does that center feel?

How would you describe the space you are experiencing when you are in that center place?

Many times our emotions are what prevent us from reaching that center place. In the Temple of Sha'Lem video transmission you are guided through some excellent and powerful exercises to shift from the turbulent states of emotion into the stillness and inner peace of pure feeling states.

I am also available to help you achieve this shift and to facilitate this planetary consciousness movement. If you need such assistance I will teach and guide  you on a sliding-scale that works for you.

Just contact me (hit reply) and let me know what works for you to get a bit of break through assistance in order to maximize your trinary encoding potential here in the window of 2012!

Blissings of Oneness and Love,
Simeon Chi'Ra



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