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~ Jan. 6, 2013  ~ White Stone Ceremony

Sunday Jan. 6, 2013    



  At Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, we celebrate ~

  One loving, empowering, supportive God ~ 

  Human diversity in all its delightful forms ~ 

  An open atmosphere of positive thinking ~ 

  And the expansion and renewal of our spiritual nature. 
       You are always welcome at Unity Athens.  

 2013 in Unity is about being aware of the sacred in every day. We are inviting all to become even more cognizant of the Divine in the "right now" moments of life; in the "right here" places where we live and move and have our be-ing; in the simple things of each day, which, when we acknowledge and appreciate them, become sacred touchstones on our journey of spiritual growth.  Where does one begin such a journey? In taking a moment right now, to breathe, become still, and look out from where you are with the eyes of God.  We honor that divinity in you!   

We'd love to see you at our 11:00 Sunday celebrations or at our classes, workshops, and events. During January we are exploring the basic principles of Unity and our spiritual faculty for the month, which is Faith.  We are wishing you a New Year that brings you even more health, happiness, love, serenity, and abundance! 

 11:00  Sun., Jan 6 ~  "White Stone Ceremony" 
    Message: "Sacred Whispers"  by Rev. Bronte
   Unity's over-arching theme for 2013 is "Sacred Living Every Day." As we begin our annual January exploration of Unity Principles, we'll look at Sacred Living -- how to expand our own inner sense of divinity by noticing and appreciating the sacredness around us in every moment.
Our annual White Stone Ceremony will take place during the service. Participants will get to choose one of the white stones that come to us from a quarry near Jerusalem. In the serenity of meditation, you'll have the opportunity to receive the message from Spirit of a "new name," symbolizing an aspect of living, a quality, an essence, or guidance for the year ahead. You can then write that name on your special white stone. This ceremony is practiced in many Unity centers across the globe. There will be time to reflect and meditate on how you would like 2013 to be. We hope to see you this Sunday as we, individually and as a spiritual center, prepare our best year EVER!
Our popular Sunday Morning Quietude meditation meets this Sunday from 9:40 to 10:25 AM. Details are below.  Love offerings are accepted and appreciated.    


1:45 - 3:45  "Creating the Best Year EVER" workshop with Rev. Bronte.  Love Offering.  Details below.  

Lunch Note: From 1:00 to 1:45 we will have salad and soup available for anyone that is attending the workshop and who doesn't want to run out for lunch. We'll have vegetable soup & salad available, but feel free to bring your own pot or crock of soup, and/or sandwich and preferred beverage, if you'd like.


2:00 - 3:30   "A Course in Miracles"  This popular class with Drew Smith continues every 

Sunday in the main area unless otherwise noted.  Further details below.  Love offering basis.


We'd love to see you soon  -- you shine so brightly and you bless us with your presence!  

  ~ Sent to You, With love ~  from Unity Athens    

      Your opportunity to give back...
   Unity Athens is so grateful for the loving support and generosity that is extended to us. You bless us with your presence, your prayers, your love, your positive thoughts, and your financial support.  Please remember to support the people, places, and organizations in your life where you are spiritually nourished. 

Click here to CONTRIBUTE to Unity Athens. Thank you!

Sunday January 6, 2013, 11:00 AM  -  WHITE STONE CEREMONY at Unity Athens.  

This ceremony is celebrated in many Unity churches & spiritual centers. The tradition stems from a Bible verse, Revelation 2:17 - "I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."    Every person attending on January 6 will receive a white stone from Jerusalem Stone which was hand cut and imported from near Hebron and Bethlehem, Israel. We'll have time during the 11:00 service to tune into Spirit and perhaps you'll feel a "new name" for yourself for your journey this coming year.  Will it be Courage? Love? Understanding? Joy?  You can write it on your stone and carry it with you in the months ahead.  Please note: stones will only be given out at this special Jan. 6 ceremony and at Rev. Bronte's New Year's Workshop on the afternoon of January 6. 

    Consider joining us for this sacred tradition this New Year!


Sunday Jan. 6, 1:45 to 3:45 PM - "Creating the Best Year Ever!" workshop.
Love offering / donation basis. Facilitated by Rev. Bronte

This is your time to envision what you would like to create in 2013.  You'll find ways to --

 Turn on...

With 5 affirmations / mantras, specifically chosen to start out 2013.  You'll have time to empower them with energy & then take them home. Watch them make an immediate, more positive difference in how your year unfolds.

 Tap into...

The 2013 Energy Forecast with intuitive Lee Harris (on video) to raise our consciousness on the magnificence that we are and the fabulous year that is waiting for us.

 Tune in...

You can record your short personal audio file, mp3, declaring your desires, consciousness, or path for 2013, in your own voice. You can also choose to record an inspirational statement that uplifts you. Note: if you'd like to bring a memory stick, that's great. Otherwise it will be put on a CD for you to have at home. 


Go beyond what may seem like the "ordinary" ideas for your future by rising above "what is" & focusing on what you want to see in your life. You may wish to release the old with our special flash (Burning Bowl) papers, or do guided visioning and write your Divine inspiration on a White Stone from Jerusalem.


Using the energy of the Group, we'll access the Field of Infinite Potential to envision dreams-come-true for all of us.
   That's this Sunday, Jan. 6, from 1:45 to 3:45 -- Love offering basis
   We'll have soup and salad available beforehand (1:00 to 1:45) for anyone interested. Love offering for lunch.


Sunday January 20, 2013, 2:00 PM -"Now You Can Communicate with Sign Language" Workshop

With facilitator Cheryl Shaw at Jittery Joe's Westside (the Body Shop, Atlanta Highway, across from and just a little before Target if coming from town). We'll meet in the upstairs conference room.  Learn sign language that you can immediately put to use.  Also discover why "Baby and Me" sign language is so fascinating.  This is a Unity Athens GR~8 Expectations class.  Cost is $8  


Meditation - handWE INVITE YOU TO TRY OUR EARLY MEDITATION SERVICE / "MORNING QUIETUDE"  EVERY SUNDAY:  9:40 AM to about 10:25 AM - Morning Quietude meets in the Lobby area (through the double glass doors in the middle of the building). Led by Rev. Bronte, this is a time for quiet contemplation, soft music, and centering. Whether you join us as a pre-service preparation time, a stand-alone "church" service, or as a preface to your other Sunday plans, we welcome all.  If you arrive after 9:40, that's fine, just please turn off phone/other devices and take your place within the circle quietly. Donations are appreciated. Note: on some Sundays Reiki Master Greg Hagin offers Reiki healing during the meditation for anyone that is interested. 


books NEW BOOK STUDY GROUP - On Sundays  from 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 and meets in the Lobby area. Neal Worthington and others will lead this 6 week group, which includes 2 weeks of study and discussion on Unity founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, followed by 4 more weeks, each of which will feature a book by the Fillmores.  Love offering basis.  A great way to delve more deeply into Unity !  



"My Vision for 2013" Letters  (formerly called "Letters to God") - Another popular annual tradition at Unity Athens !  Write down what you would like to manifest in the year ahead -- either on our special paper available at Unity Athens, or other paper of your choosing. Seal it into a self-addressed envelope, then put it into the special "Vision 2013" box at Unity Athens.  We'll hold it for you for about a year while praying over the box and seeing wonderful things coming your way. Then at the end of December, 2013, we'll stamp it and mail it back to you. It is such a delight to receive one's thoughts & desires from a year ago and to then reflect on all the joy that has ensued.  Note: if you aren't able to join us at Unity Athens to drop off your letter, email us at and we'll give you instructions on how to mail it to us.


CommUnity Movies - The second Sunday  of the month at 4:00 p.m.   Our next movie is on January 13.


Monthly Women's Group --"Women of Wisdom" led by Marguerite Vardman.

Women of Wisdom New Moon Empowerment Circle. Blue Flower

Next meeting --SUNDAY, January 13, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in our Main Lobby area.

This popular group creates a sacred space for women to experience Love, support, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. Together, they facilitate the process of recognizing and expressing our Divine nature. Marguerite is an engaging, inspiring facilitator who has created this workshop and offered it at many Unity churches across the country. Love offering basis.


EVERY SUNDAY,  2:00 pm -3:30 pm - Meets in the main room unless otherwise indicated.

 A COURSE IN MIRACLES. Taught by the highly experienced and insightful facilitator, Drew Smith, this popular class dives deeply into A Course, while making the text even more understandable and relevant to daily life. Open to all.  If you don't own the book, there's always someone willing to share. Because of its ongoing nature, feel free to stop in as you can, or to participate every Sunday.  Donations are accepted and appreciated.  ACIM will meet in the lobby area on Sunday, Jan. 6.


   Attend a "New Member" class to become a member of Unity Athens.

To achieve membership, you are required to attend one class, taught by Rev. Bronte.  If you are transferring membership from another Unity church, it is possible to waive the class. There is no fee to take the class or to become a member. These classes are open to all and are a good way to lean more about the Unity movement and Unity Athens.  Check with Rev. Bronte for other dates & time or to schedule a New Member classes.    On Sunday, Dec. 16, we celebrated the addition of four new members to our Unity Athens Family.   Next new member class is Sun. Dec. 13 at 12:30.

Upcoming Sundays

A Unity Athens Tradition -- Sunday Messages in January are based on the basic Unity Principles.  Whether you are new to Unity or a long-time student, these messages are set up to explore Unity beliefs through a lens that allows us to apply these principles even more powerfully in our lives.


Sun Jan.  06 ~ White Stone Ceremony at Unity Athens - Receive a spiritual message for 2013


Upcoming  Sunday Music -- We are so grateful for such fabulous talent.


 Sun., Jan. 13 -- Tre Powell's rich, vibrant voice and gifted guitar talent creates music that is captivating and delightful. "Tre Powell has been singing all of his life. From school and church plays since he wa s little all the way to karaoke bars before learning guitar, he was constantly surrounded by music. Tre has lived in Athens, GA since 2009, where he started off performing at local assisted living homes. Now he writes and performs his own originals as well as a mixture of popular covers at various locations all over Athens. Tre's love for music shows in the diversity he presents." (from the Tre Powell website)   Hear samples of Tre's Music here.


Lara Oshon_headshot

Sun., Jan. 27 -- Lara Oshon: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Creative Artist  

"Smooth. Simmery. Soulful. Lara Oshon delivers lush piano-vocals with lyrical soul, igniting devoted supporters from California to Australia. Her rich, warm voice and rhythmic piano stylings flow right through you, creating a transforming musical experience."  
    Unity Athens folks love Lara and love her music. Find out more at where you can access music and videos. Visit Lara's website here.


Cindy Lou 2009 Sun. Feb 10 -- Cindy Lou Harrington.  BFF of Unity Athens, Cindy Lou always brings Joy and Light into our Sundays. Award-winning and multi-talented, she writes, produces, arranges, and creates fabulous music. "She has opened for internationally-acclaimed motivational speakers and authors such as Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Melody Beattie, and Neale Diamond Walsh.  A prolific, cross-genre songwriter, Harrington credits her work with disabled children as the inspiration for a song she wrote called 'Let Me Win,' which was performed at the 1996 Paralympic Torch Ceremonies and has been used statewide for Georgia's Special Olympics."  Find more info, music, and videos on Cindy Lou's website.  Just click here !


Have you heard what folks are saying about Unity Athens?

"The minute I walked through the door, I could feel the love and the warmth here." -- First-Time Guest

"Unity Athens is all the things I've liked about other churches and spiritual centers, but all in one place!"-- S.F.

"I appreciate that folks here see the good in each other and are so welcoming."

"This church satisfies my soul!  Always uplifting.  Thank you."

"Rev. Bronte brings such a wonderful feeling of joy to the service. I am left in a wonderful place of contemplation for the week to come." -- A.P.
 "I was reading a book with my two-year-old the other night, called Thank You, God, when she started singing the song by that same name that David plays while we sing it at Unity Athens. She loves that song!" M.P. 

Other Events


SOCIAL EVENTS AROUND ATHENS - Would you like to be notified about different social gatherings that Unity folks are attending or organizing in the Athens area?  Email us at and we'll add you to the Social Events list!


Rev. Karen Dancing-Doe Cosgrove offers Angel Readings, energy work, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats.Contact her at     


Greg Hagin of  Crane and Lotus Medicals is leading Reiki healing circles on Thursday evenings at 7:00 at the Healing Arts Centre. Contact Greg for details at  

Greg regularly teaches Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses. Contact him for more information.


Energy worker Laurie Hart ~ offers a variety of classes and workshop. . Contact Laurie for details about this and other classes.


Body, Mind and Spirit Ministries (see above) has a variety of intriguing classes and workshops plus a wonderful gift shop / metaphysical book store.    3701 Atlanta Hwy  Bogart, GA 30622  (706) 351-6024


Healing Arts Centre offers yoga, classes, an herb shop, acupuncture, practitioners, and so much more. Healing Arts Centre Link


Also contact Christy for info on MotherPeace Tarot Readings, spiritually-oriented travel, and a myriad of classes.  You can reach Christy at 


Join the group "THE TRIBE" and /or "Athens Community Spirit" on Facebook to stay in touch with many of the wonderful events and spirit-minded folks around town including healing arts, readings, workshops, metaphysics, artsy things, and more. 

Links, prayers, and other blessings -- 


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