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All in White
Class of 2019 put on their coats

First-year students at the White Coat Ceremony
At RSDM, the official entry into the medical profession begins when first-year students don a white coat stitched with the school logo and their names. "I hope you remember this as one of the defining moments of your lives,'' Dean Cecile A. Feldman told the Class of 2019 at the White Coat Ceremony.  LEARN MORE

True Confessions
RSDM students on brushing, flossing, and the horrors of plaque
From left, Jason Liang, Michael Israel and Siddhi Shah

From the Dean's Desk asked second-year students to dish about their real-life thoughts on oral healthcare and how dental school has forever changed the way they look at other people's plaque. They were VERY candid .  LEARN MORE


Dr. Cibele Nasri-Heir
RSDM team finds new clues about chronic pain

When acute pain becomes chronic, there's a turning point. Changes occur in the body that allow the hurt to continue -- even after the original source of pain is gone. RSDM researchers are exploring how and why one type of pain transitions to another.  LEARN MORE  

Dr. Herminio Perez
Dr. Herminio Perez helps students navigate RSDM

Growing up in Barrio Obrero, a poor section of Puerto Rico, Dr. Herminio Perez never visited a dental school or had a conversation with a dentist. Today, Perez, Class of 2004, helps students adjust to life at RSDM and build a sense of community.  LEARN MORE


Going West
RSDM treats Native American patients on reservation

RSDM students and faculty at an Indian Health Services clinic
Every summer since 2004, RSDM students and faculty have volunteered at an Arizona clinic run by Indian Health Services, a federal agency. For one week, they fill in while the staff is on vacation, treating thousands of Native American patients who live on reservations. Before their trip, they receive training about Native American culture and reservation life. Few, if any, dental schools offer this type of opportunity to students, says Dr. Robert Shekitka, an RSDM assistant professor who leads the trip. "It's unprecedented,'' he says.

Big Thanks

We appreciate Eastern Dentists Insurance Company's $5,000 gift last month to help student scholarship programs.They've
Dr. Kim Fenesy and Hope Maxwell from Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
been supporting us for five years. "We're very grateful, it's wonderful that they've been doing this since 2010,'' said Dr. Kim Fenesy, Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.