News from the City of White Plains                        AUGUST  2017
Tale of Two Swimming Pools
Hot?  Cool off at either of the City's two public swimming pools. They are open every day in August.

Access the Gardella Pool from Ferris Avenue or the Church Street School parking lot.
Kitrell Pool is located at the intersection of Fisher Avenue and Irving Place.
Yes, it may be the best kept secret in town that White Plains has a pair of refeshing, pristine pools. Admission is free with a current Recreation ID card.   Check here for times and additional information.
The Goats Are Back 
The City is again using goats to clear out invasive vegetation at Baldwin Farm, a city park in the Woodcrest Heights neighborhood.
The use of goats has proven to be an effective, environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to the use of noisy and expensive machinery.  

This is a first step toward restoring low impact agricultural use at Baldwin Farm, and will be in keeping with the passive nature and rural character of the park.  The goats will be working through the summer.  
Did You Know? -- At 18.5 acres Baldwin Farm is the second biggest of the City's 20 park facilities.  Which one is larger?  The Jack Harrington Greenway at 19 acres.  Find out more about White Plains parks  here
Bike and Pedestrian Friendly Improvements Coming to Downtown White Plains
The City of White Plains has received a state grant for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements in the new transit district.
A dedicated bike lane will be constructed on this stretch of Martine Avenue between Court Street and South Lexington Avenue.

The grant comes from the NY State Dept. of Transportation's Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) which is specificaly geared toward helping municipalities make improvements that will benefit non-vehicular modes of transporation. This project will enable the City to make walking and biking to and from the train station safer and more convenient. 

The improvements will include Westchester's first dedicated, protected inner-city bike lane, more visible crosswalks, a "bike corral" for secure parking near the train station, upgrades to existing bike lanes, and the City's first-mid block pedestrian crossing, a "HAWK" signal, on Main Street near the Galleria Mall.

Did You Know? -- You can get the latest on proposed, approved and in construction development projects in White Plains by clicking here.
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