Volume XXVI |  Issue 140
Pentecost is a joyful celebration of energy, of creativity, of life.    It is the birthday of the church.  On Pentecost the gift of the Spirit was freely given in order to create a community of people unified in love and purpose.  As that early community developed, first thinking of themselves as part of the Jewish faith then later as followers of The Way and finally naming themselves Christians, they sought to live and love as Jesus did. 

During the two thousand years since that first Pentecost there have been enormous evolutions in societies, in self-understanding, in technology and communication, yet, at it's most basic level, church still gathers so that we can better live and love as Jesus did.  That's the purpose of the church.  As we gather in our Small Church Communities, it's important to realize that like the early communities to whom Paul wrote letters, each of our communities is different, yet all of our communities  are bound together in common purpose and love through the gift of the Spirit.   

So, if we call ourselves Small Church Communities, how do we differ from other small groups like a book club, a dinner club or an Alanon group?    
    Are Your Sunflowers Growing?
Tuesday, September 26th
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We can only live the changes we wish to see:  we cannot think our way to humanity.  Every one of us, every group, must become a model of that which we desire to create. . .  We must therefore, strive cooperatively to create a new world.  There is not time left for destruction, for hatred, for anger.  We must build in hope and joy and celebration.  Ivan Illich
       Darlene Padilla Kate Wagner,  Krissy Jensen,  
Jean Smith, Geralyn Pomponio,  Kathy Dieringer, Jill Mendoza
Faith Sharing Materials for SCCs

The Bible and The Virgin Mary [Parish Library- SCC Materials: Mary] Matthew Leonard, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (12 Sessions)

Exactly who is the Blessed Virgin Mary and what is her role in God’s plan for the world? This series may be just the thing for small communities who want to more deeply explore Mary’s great faith and her role the life of the Church.

People of God's Mercy   [Call SCC Office] Marci Alborghetti,                Twenty-Third Publications (14 brief chapters with questions)  

An exploration of what fourteen figures from Scripture reveal about Divine Compassion. Small community members will be informed and surprised as you explore the lives of these people and how God's compassion knows no bounds.

JustFaith; JustMatters, EngagingSpirituality; GoodNewsPeople           [Call SCC Office]

Four different programs are available from JustFaith Ministries.  The newest offering is called JustMatters and offers four different tracks

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Happy Pentecost!  

Barb Howard