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Jeff Talks About New Years Resolutions and the PPAI Board Member Challenge from a 5K at Six Flags Magic Mountain
Jeff Rant_1
 Here's a Quick SuccessFit Tip
from the Treadmill! 
Charles Duggan from Astor Chocolate offers some insight on how 
to stay fit on the road...

Brandon Mackay from
SnugZ USA talks
about being active. 
Astor Chocolate and SnugZ USA are Supporters of the FPT SuccessFit Fundraising  Challenge 
at the PPAI Expo!
PPAI Expo 2011_SideBar
has Become Product
Safety Aware!
The Product Safety Awareness Program is
part of a PPAI initiative
to create confidence in promotional products as
an advertising medium. 
Save the Dates!
May 18th-22nd, 2015
We're Not Going to Change It!
As we enter the new year, you can rest assured that not much will be changing. Personally, I like change, but concede that generally speaking, our industry does not do change well. 

Suppliers and and distributors appear to be pretty comfortable in how they reach the marketplace. For the most part, that's been effective, but like it or not things ARE changing. 

In this issues commentary, Who Let the Air Out of the Balloon?, I talk a bit about change and explain why we are NOT doing a complete makeover of our PPAI Award Winning FreePromoTips.com website. It includes a bit of wisdom from the amazing Seth Godin


Those who are going to the PPAI Expo will have a great time at the Awards Ceremony Tuesday night at the House of Blues honoring some great companies. Don't miss seeing the Industry All Star Band.

FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit at the PPAI Expo is rocking as well with a PPAI Board Member Challenge raising money for the 
Promotional Products Education Foundation
See below for new details on what we are doing and how you can be a part of it.

Here's to a great New Year! 

Jeff Solomon, MAS

SuccessFit Challenge is On!
SnugZ USA is sponsoring this Challenge with a $500.00 donation. Other companies are invited to contribute any amount they like to the Promotional Products Education Foundation

Serious runners including Tom Goos and Dale Denham have each pledged $100.00 to the scholarship foundation for the PPAI Board Member Challenge run. 

Dale Denham

Brandon Mackay

Tom Goos

Brandon Mackay, a former board member feels he will smoke them both. Another former board member, Charles Duggan has added an additional Challenge.

Charles from Astor Chocolate will donate $10.00 for everyone who participates in the SuccessFit FUN Run/Walk on Monday morning. This is a great way to kick off Education Day and Expo Week!
We Have Details on the NEW Meeting Location 
and the Course Which Take You to the World
Famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign...
You Can Take a Selfie!
Updated Details are Here
PLEASE NOTE: This Fun Run/Walk is an informal event,
not endorsed by or affiliated with PPEF, PPAI or the PPAI Expo. 
Another component of SuccessFit is the cool collection
of FPT SuccessFit branded products that some great suppliers have provided. Even if you missed out on getting the cool stuff, visit their booths and check out their lines.
They have helped us raise good money for PPEF!

Southern Plus logo

Who Let the Air Out of the Balloon?

At the 2015 PPAI Expo, FreePromoTips.com will be getting a technology award for our website. It's an honor that all the things we are doing for suppliers, distributors and the industry are being recognized by PPAI through these prestigious awards. 

This is positive for the companies that understand and support what FreePromoTips.com does. Even though we could update the site, we're not going to change it. 

Learn why in a thought provoking Seth Godin blog post.
Click here for the rest of the story.


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