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April 29, 2011
Featured Speaker on "Breakthrough to Balance"
National Association of Professional Women -

First Annual Conference

Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC

Keynote Speaker: Ivanka Trump

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Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career coaching and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough - in their lives and work, relationships, and in their businesses - to create the success and fulfillment they truly want.  Ellia offers transformative coaching, seminars, marketing consulting and resources that help women achieve their highest visions of passion, power, and purpose.
Kathy's book, Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.

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Hello! It's great to connect with you. I hope your May is going beautifully.  I'm sorry I've been a bit out of touch.  Busy times!


Last Friday, I had the immense pleasure of speaking on "Breakthrough to Balance" at the National Association of Professional Women First Annual Conference at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.  


I was honored to share the day's stage with four truly inspiring women: Ivanka Trump, Herta von Stiegel, Hilary Kramer and Valerie Smaldone

Ivanka Trump

Each woman offered powerful and uplifting messages - of scaling mountains, defying odds, embracing and learning from failure, helping others, and educating and empowering women.  I left that day with beautiful lasting memories of many remarkable women who are making their mark on the world in a way that no one else can.



New Directions

I've also been enjoying myself immensely in my new professional endeavors with Synergy Partners USA - a boutique executive search firm based in Wilton, CT that focuses on financial services, accounting, IT, and now marketing


As I mentioned last month, I'm serving as VP of a new Marketing division at Synergy Partners USA, focused on matching top marketing talent with leading, growth-oriented organizations in the tri-state area (NY/CT/NJ) and beyond,  For me, it's very satisfying to help engaged, committed professionals find rewarding employment that allows them to utilize their unique talents, skills and insights to great success. 

If your organization needs assistance filling any marketing
positions, or if you're looking for a new role or job, I hope you'll let me know!  I'd love to assist.  Feel free to write me at and let me know how I can help.  Again, the areas I'm focusing on are:

  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing 
  • Branding
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Strategy
  • Digital marketing and social media

I hope I can be of service to you!


Career and Leadership Development for Women 

business woman
I and my company Ellia Communications remain committed to serving professional women through career and leadership development coaching and training programs. I'm excited to share that I've developed a new leadership program for women that I'm launching in Connecticut this month.

ere's a look at my newest program - Leadership Success Breakthrough!

These programs support women to:

1) Understand and explore the leadership challenges they face

2) Tap into their deepest strengths, talents, visions, and mission

3) Share their visions with others, powerfully and authentically

4) Engage and empower others to create a new and stronger, more diverse corporate culture

5) And ultimately, achieve new levels of success, reward and fulfillment and serve as empowering role models for other women


If you're looking for career growth/reinvention support, leadership development at your company or privately, or a new professional direction, I'd love to hear from you.


So, Who Needs a Vision Anyway?

Full Steam Ahead


We hear so much today about "vision" - both personal and leadership vision.  Yet so many of us don't have a guiding vision to point the way as we shape our lives and careers.  Nor do many of us see in practice a well-defined and articulated (or empowering) vision at our places of work.  


In my view, having a clearly-formulated vision for your life and work is an essential part of crafting an authentic and purposeful life.  Interestingly, the keys to a powerful vision of the future lie in both the content of the vision, as well as the process of how it is formed.

Towards that end, I am honored and excited today to share a guest post from my dear friend and colleague Jesse Stoner, co-author with Ken Blanchard of Full Steam Ahead, the second edition of which is out this week.   


Click here for Jesse's inspiring post: "The Last Thing You Need Is a Vision."

If you enjoy the post, please check out Jesse's book Full Steam Ahead.   She is donating all proceeds from sales this week to Give Kids the World

Ready for a Career Reinvention?


I read a thought-provoking post today - "10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!" by James Altucher.


While some of this information is clearly an over-dramatization or over-simplification, there are nuggets of truth here.

So if you're ready to leave your job and long to embark on a career reinvention, I'm sharing with you again my 5 Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Career Reinvention.  Hope you enjoy it. 

And please remember: Don't skip the vital step of finding empowering support as you make the changes you desire most in life.


Thank you, and many happy breakthroughs this Spring,

P.S. Let's connect!  You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  I'd love to hear from you.

Kathy Caprino, MA 
Ellia Communications, Inc.
Phone: 203-834-9933
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