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In the past few months, we've been talking about various aspects of our brain, how thoughts affect us, why words matter, and more.   Every time we learn something new about the human body, we still get that sense of amazement.  The more the human body amazes, the more appreciation we have for it's wondrous functionality.

Would it surprise you that our non-conscious thoughts are estimated to be at least 5/6 of all our thinking?  According to Doug Bench, the self-described "America's Brain Training Guy" with a Masters of Science, these thoughts are all created automatically and control nearly all of your actions and behaviors.   Just imagine if every breath of air was a conscious effort!  Most of us wouldn't last long.

With this emphasis placed on our non-conscious thoughts, it's significant to know that our conscious thoughts apparently have a big influence on our unconscious thoughts.  This is why positive thinking makes such a difference, even when we don't FEEL positive.  It's the thoughts that matter, not feelings, when it comes to how our unconscious responds.  

If you have interest in this, Doug Bench has written many books about the brain.  An easy read is "Do It Yourself Brain Surgery!" subtitled "101 Revolutionary brain training secrets, strategies and skills you can implant in your brain right now ..." - available on Amazon for as low as $6.29.  

For more amazing information about our body, check out "Your Amazing Skin - Fact and Fiction" article below written by Bethany Springer and Mary Ann Maloney, our two LMTs who are also Facial Specialists.  But we did promise to reveal who won the April Egg Raffle and what special visitor we had at the office a few weeks ago, so....
Congratulations to Dale Hillman for winning the 90 minute free massage!  Click here to see the actual raffle drawing; we posted the video on the MTC Facebook page.  Thanks to all who purchased eggs for the raffle; you're all winners of at last one free amenity!  The Manual Therapy Foundation received $500 from this fundraiser.  More news on MTF below.

Our special visitor?  Only in Florida would you run into this guest on your way in the door.
We did call the Fish and Wildlife hotline who came out but this young gator had made his way out of sight and hopefully back to the closest pond!  More pictures of his visit can also be found on our Facebook page.

This month's specials are with some important dates in mind. Sunday, May 14th is Mother's Day, and May 8th - 12th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Massage gift certificates are great ways to show you care!  Purchase online or by stopping by the office.  Check out the specials below.
MTF News and How You Can Help
The Manual Therapy Foundation continues to grow, thanks to all of you!

mtfThe April Egg Raffle did meet our goal of selling 100 eggs and raising $500 for the Foundation.   This non-profit allows those of limited financial means to  receive Medical Massage or Lymphedema Therapy at reduced co sts.  These type of treatments require a series of sessions, so financial assistance is the only way that some can receive the therapy.   You really do make a difference when you participate in fundraisers, plus $1 of every appointment payment is also put into the foundation. 

Some of you may remember the online auction we held last November to benefit MTF.  That proved not only successful in raising funds but it was a lot of fun!  We are holding another online auction in the month of June.  
This means that we are accepting donations for auction items starting now!  We've already received some larger items but love anything unique and interesting - hand-made items, gift certificates, unusual articles or services.  Are you a fabulous bread maker?  or cake or cookie baker?  and are willing to donate a baked good?  We'd love to hear from you with creative ideas!  We have one month to put the auction together, then the bidding fun begins!

Raising money is one goal of the foundation but another is to increase awareness of what it does and who it can help.  The Herald Tribune publishes a quarterly insert called "The Giving Report" that features a handful of local non-profits.  The Manual Therapy Foundation will be one of those featured articles so look for that in June as well.
Staff Updates

The field of manual therapy and massage is constantly evolving, new discoveries are being made, and new research is being done.  It makes the field of massage therapy a very exciting place for continuing education! Continuing education is the key to not only improving our skill sets, but important for learning new techniques that we can apply in our sessions for you.  

Bethany (R) and Lisa (L) in Prenatal Massage Class
Bethany Springer and Lisa Weingart recently completed an 18-hour Integrative Pregnancy Massage class. The course included an  in-depth analysis of the anatomy and physiology of preconception, each trimester of pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. It also covered methods and advanced techniques for the enhancement of their effects in pregnant, laboring and postpartum clients.  Congratulations to both Bethany and Lisa!  This brings our total of certified prenatal massage therapists to a team of six!  

Nancy applying tape during class

Nancy Strand recently completed a 6-hour class in KinesioTaping.  "I wanted to be able to apply these techniques to help clients in pain and injury recovery after they walk out the door.  In addition, I learned how KinesioTaping can be utilized for lymphatic drainage, particularly post-surgery."  

It's not ALL about education!  Some of the MTC Team met outside work hours for a fun night at "Painting With a Twist", in one of their new locations just around the corner from our office.  We had two hours to create a painting that, as you can see below, had many different interpretations!

L to R,Front Row: Jeanette Keyso, Melissa Kelly, Shea Shulman,  Patty Spatz
Back Row: Nancy Strand, Bethany Springer, Donna Koehnen, Misa McCue
Your Amazing Skin - Facts and Fiction
skinfactsNEVER let anyone convince you that achieving good skin is a superficial endeavor.......it is one of the healthiest things you can do.  This month we'll cover some amazing facts about your skin and how you can help it. Plus, we'll debunk some commonly held myths.  Here's just a sample:

An average person sheds about nine pounds of dead skin cells in a year. True or False?

Chocolate and greasy food cause acne.  True or False?

[Answers:  First one TRUE, second one FALSE]

Read the full article here by Bethany Springer and Mary Ann Maloney and hopefully you'll see the term "skin deep" in an entirely new way!
Where We've Been Lately....
As MTC's reputation for Medical Massage pain resolution and Lymphedema Therapy grows in the local community, we have more contact with physicians and other health professionals.  It is not unusual to receive referrals from physicians who believe manual therapy is an important component when addressing pain.  We are also starting to hear from more plastic surgeons who recognize the importance of manual lymphatic drainage in post-surgery recovery - for swelling reduction and pain relief.

In the past month, Shea Shulman spoke to a patient  group from a local internal medicine doctor about the role of Medical Massage in treating pain.  Nancy Strand and Melissa Kelly met with a plastic surgeon in Sarasota who wanted more information on post-surgical manual lymphatic drainage.   Both of these doctors have been referring their patients to MTC when they felt it was appropriate.

If your doctor holds informational seminars for patients and you think a presentation on Medical Massage or Lymphedema would be welcomed, please let us know.  Or ask your doctor about it on your next visit.  

Nancy Strand and Melissa Kelly had an MTC table set up for an employee health fair at PGT Industries in South Sarasota.  We always look for opportunities to educate and demonstrate the healing benefits of massage therapy! Here is Melissa relieving neck tension on a PGT shop worker.
May's Specials 
Enjoy this wonderful 60-minute Swedish massage that leaves you feeling restored and relaxed.  PLUS pick two amenities to add that extra touch!  Choose from hot stones, foot scrub, aromatherapy, or back scrub.
60 Minutes - Only $59 (Save $32 )

The Signature Serenity
This 90-minute beauty session combines our Custom Facial with an additional 30 minutes of relaxing Swedish massage - 
the best of both worlds!
90 Minutes - Only $99 (Save $27)

The Luxury Rejuvenation
Bellanina Facelift Massage
This 90-minute anti-aging session combines the Bellanina with an additional 30 minutes of relaxing Swedish massage. The Bellanina uses specific massage techniques on the face and neck designed to relax and tone muscles and promote manual lymphatic drainage - the best way to feel rejuvenated with our Certified Bellanina Specialists.
90 Minutes - Only $99 (Save $27)

For Our Moms-To-Be!
Prenatal Massage
We have a team of Prenatal Certified therapists to help relax you and soothe aches and pains that are common with pregnancy.  Also makes a great gift certificate for any special Mom-To-Be!
60 Minutes - Only $69 (Save $12)
In Appreciation
Positive thoughts.... we talked about them above.  Much easier said than done sometimes, especially in these stressful times.  We find it helps to surround ourselves with positive energy as much as possible, and feel very fortunate to work in such a positive environment.  

Social media can be a blessing and a curse - full of negative, stressful stories but also positive, uplifting ones.  If you start to feel stressed or depressed with what you're viewing, look for the alternatives.  There are many sites and Facebook groups that promote positive stories.  And finally, humor helps a lot!
In appreciation and thinking positive thoughts,

Shea and Nancy
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