Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
September 24, 2015
Introducing Our Contract Negotiations Committee
Last week, we shared the results of the contract negotiations survey (here). The next step in preparing for negotiations is appointing a Negotiating Committee, followed by drafting proposals. 

When forming the Negotiating Committee, we asked for volunteers in several different ways. We put out a call to all members in our newsletter and asked for volunteers at the Delegate Assembly and other meetings.

Leadership does its best to make sure that all campuses are represented and that the committee is balanced between full-time faculty, part-time faculty, community college professionals, and educational assistants. 

Thank you to the following individuals who have volunteered their time and efforts to serving on the Negotiating Committee:

William Army QVCC
Bryan Bonina TXCC
Kathleen Brady NVCC
Robyn Brooks TXCC
Maureen Chalmers NWCC
Steven Cohen NCC
Edward Derr TRCC
Ramon Esponda GWCC
Seth Freeman CCC
Tom Jackson NCC
Joseph Jenecaro HCC
Steve Krevisky MXCC
Lynne Langella HCC
Merja Lehtinen ACC
Lorraine Li GWCC
John Mueller MCC
Saverio Perugini GWCC
Kevin Skee MCC
Carl Stafford MCC
Trent Wright Jr. MXCC

The first meeting of the Negotiating Committee will be held on Friday, September 25 at noon.  

New Committee Chairs for Part-Timers and Membership Committee
Two 4Cs committees met on Saturday, September 12 and elected new chairs. Join us in congratulating Merja Lehtinen (ACC), elected as the Chair of the Committee on Part-Timers and Liz Pizaretz (NCC), elected as the Chair of the Membership Committee!

Want to get involved in either committee? Contact information for both chairs can be found on our website under the Action Center tab. 

4Cs Calendar
Friday, Sept. 25
9:30am: Community College Governance Association (CCGA), 4Cs Office, 907 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford

Noon: 4Cs Negotiating Committee, 4Cs Office, 907 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford

Tuesday, Sept. 29
3:30pm:  Asnuntuck Chapter Meeting, Cafe II

Thursday, Oct. 1
Evaluation Deadlines for Promotion & Tenure, see website calendar for further details

Saturday, Oct. 3
9:00am: Finance & 
Membership Committees

Delegate Assembly Meeting, 4Cs Office, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford