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June 14, 2017     


Canada is Celebrating 150 years!
I have a freebie for the Canadians!

So 150 years isn't long for a lot of countries, but hey we're here and not going away! (And we have a Prime Minister with *great* hair!)

July 1 is Canada Day, the anniversary of Confederation.  We've grown a bit since those first days (ahem, haven't we all....?!).

I have created a digital cutting file of the Canada 150 logo on a little banner. To use the Canada 150 logo you have to ask for a license, otherwise its copyright infringement....  I converted the logo to a cutting file and have applied for permission to put it on my blog for free. But since I'm asking the government and they're probably backlogged, it occurred to me that permission could come well after July 1st!

But (shhhhhh!), if you'd like this cutting file as an svg and .studio file, just email me and ask for it. It's free!  But just for personal use.  If you want to make mugs and sell them, you'll need to get your own license!  I need to get some blank mugs and cut some vinyl to decorate mugs for the kidlets. The letters are part of the logo and are supposed to be used with the maple leaf.  Have fun!

Happy Birthday Canada Bonne FĂȘte!

The Silhouette Design Store!

Canada Day is coming soon! Luckily with Silhouette designs, the downloads are immediate and you can start creating right away with some red and white cardstock and your Silhouette Cameo!

Here are my Canada Day designs from the last few years available on the Silhouette Design Store. When you're on my profile, just search for "Canada".

My Silhouette Designs

And since I love designing with stars and stripes and I have a not-so-little-anymore baby born in Boston, here are my Independence Day designs. When you're on my profile, just search for "Independence". (I'm seeing a lot more use for that star box in different colours!)

Make sure you check out Robyn Joseph's blog post on the Quietfire Digital blog today to see how she used the star basket!
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