October 2015
States of Emergency 

In the last two months Hawaii and Los Angeles have declared a state of emergency to combat the homelessness crisis they are experiencing.  Last month the Mayor of L.A., Mayor Eric Gracetti, proposed a plan that will use $100 million towards the crisis the city of Los Angeles is facing.  Mayor Gracetti also said that by declaring a state of emergency they are declaring a "sense of urgency" and a "political emergency".  The Mayor is also wanting to fund the housing first model that has been successful in other cities.   There are an estimated 45,000 homeless people in Los Angeles.  A month later the state of Hawaii declares a state of emergency for the same issue.  At 465 homeless people for every 100,000 citizens, Hawaii has the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the entire country.  The proclamation comes with $1.3 million that will be used in places the state says is lacking in funds.  The state wants to focus on aiding homeless services, creating more transitional and permanent housing options,  and making the process from transitional to permanent housing quicker.        

Read more about the homeless crisis in Hawaii here.
Read more about the homeless crisis in Los Angeles here.

A Question
~ from the director 

When we as a society finally understand that the people who have been living on the streets are our brothers and sisters; that they are vulnerable, treated inhumanely day and night, are ignored, and are criminalized unfairly ...

When we realize that they are worthy of more than mini-homes, overcrowded shelters, or no shelter at all; that they deserve more than our scorn, our impatience, our fear ....

When we see that those who struggle with mental illness or chemical dependency are parents, children, siblings; are afraid just like we are, have dreams just like we do, need love and care, and to be seen ....

When we get that race and gender are constructs and diversity is to be celebrated, enjoyed; that not everyone has the same experience in their body; that we as a society have criminalized and moralized people for who they are ....

When we finally wake up and invite people from the streets into houses ...

Who will apologize to them for the years of neglect and indifference? Who, on behalf of society, is going to say, "we're sorry for not recognizing your humanity and prioritizing you?"

Laura Slattery 
Gubbio making headlines!

 Jose Lopez, The Gubbio Project's Volunteer Coordinator, was interviewed earlier this month by Leticia Mendoza from Ch 42 about the organization's work and the Dec 3rd fundraiser!
In This Issue
Farewell and Welcome! 

Our amazing staff member Emma, has accepted a new full-time job at Hospitality House as an Art Instructor.  It is a great opportunity and we are all so excited for her.  Unfortunately, this means she will no longer be able to work at The Gubbio Project.  Taking her place will be a former Gubbio Volunteer, Jenna McElroy!  Jenna has been involved with Gubbio for over two years!  We are excited to have her join our team as the new part-time Development Associate.   
Thank you for all that you did, Emma!  And welcome (back), Jenna!
Pope Francis Visits Homeless Shelter

Pope Francis visited a homeless shelter the Vatican started right outside St. Peter's Square.  The shelter is run by Jesuit priests who answered the Pope's call to help the poor.  Read more about his visit here.     

Evening of Comedy with W. Kamau Bell
Please join The Gubbio Project on December 3, 2015 for an evening with San Francisco-based socio-political comedian and community activist, W. Kamau Bell. Zendesk will be hosting the event and will provide beer, wine and appetizers. There will be a raffle and music by DJ Cuba and D8. 
All proceeds benefit The Gubbio Project. 
December 3rd, 2015
Doors open at 7:00pm, reception & music with DJ Cuba and D8
Program begins at 8pm

Purchase your ticket here!
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